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Hall of Fame?

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Post Posted: 2017-01-04 10:49:21 

At the risk of seeming self-aggrandizing, bringing the Hall of Fame back online might be a worthwhile task. If Rogue One generated any new interest in Dark Forces, then players would be well served with a guide to some of the best missions (just so they don't start out with Coober and give up).

...sorry Coober.



Post Posted: 2017-01-04 13:01:28 

Your just upset that a person playing Alphabetically would have to play 40 missions before reaching Dark Tide episode 1. I pity the soul who accidentally stars with "A Jedi Knight". Does that even have a gob file? I think it might just be a .lvl.

Fun DF-21 Mission Stats!

1. The first Hall of Fame mission, Asteroid, is 14th on the list!
2. The first mission worth playing, Among the Shadows Fortress Quadrigon, is only 5th on the list!
3. The most missingest mission is Dark Tide V, The Quest for more money.
4. Most recently uploaded mission is Ambassador, Spies and CorpSec. So important that it shows up twice in the level list (complete with obligatory misspelling).

The hall of fame is preserved pretty well on archive.org, it shouldn't be too hard to move to the live site.



Post Posted: 2017-01-04 14:36:16 

LOL, It`s a crime that Coober is so close to the top of the list just because of its name. Maybe I`ll make a special sorting algorithm that puts words that begin with "coober" last. :)

Anyway, the Hall of Fame is back up.

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