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The Dark Tide IV on YouTube

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Post Posted: 2017-05-26 13:33:00 

Great playthrough of The Dark Tide IV:


Barry did some really great work on this level.

The texturing in the Emperor's area is incredible, and the floor reflections even really impressed the player (srsly, they are much better than what I did in III):


Burning Gundam

Post Posted: 2017-05-26 20:02:27 

I got my new computer running DF the other day, not having played it in a few years and fired this one up last night. It's amazing how well it still holds up even these days.

I know that plans were never finalized for the 5th entry but I've always been curious how it was supposed to end.

The East is burning red!


Post Posted: 2018-04-13 01:52:11 

Hey Pat! Guess who! Saw it and your previous ones, but like i mentioned on steam, looks like the DOS engine is having trouble as the Clone Network on DT3 dosen't trigger anymore.

Formerly milo_antu