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Note -- there has been a change to Peter Klassen`s EMail address


Yves BORCKMANS (Yves.Borckmans@ping.be)
Jereth KOK (jereth@alphalink.com.au)
Alexei NOVIKOV (anoviko@emory.edu)
David LOVEJOY (dlovejoy@nucleus.com)


If you have deciphered information that isn't covered in the Specs, don't hesitate to send it to us.
We'll include it in the next release.

Serge DEBROEYER (sdeb@rtbf.be)
for adjoin/mirror tips, some flags, some INF tips, complex sectors errors, ...
Don SIELKE (dsielke@interoz.com)
for the complete flags list, the -u option, ...
Florian ENGELHARDT (100442.2012@compuserve.com)
for information on GMD files
Paul NEMESH (PNem@aol.com)
for information and text on VUE files
Randy GREENE (rgreene@val.net)
for information on event_masks
Carlos GOMEZ (CarGo95@aol.com)
Jonathan WISE (TheRedDeth@aol.com)
for information on frames and waxes
Nicola SALMORIA (MC6489@mclink.it)
for information and texts on dfbrief.lfd and briefings.lst
Michael TAYLOR (MichaelLTa@aol.com)
for information and texts on cutscene.lst and the 3DO description
Carl KENNER (Andrew.Kenner@Unisa.Edu.Au)
for information and text on the FILM LFD resources
Len BOWERS (len@lenbow.demon.co.uk)
for information on the LEV PALETTE entry, a sound list and for relaying other info to me
Blake CROSBY (bcrosby@interlog.com)
for a jedisfx.lfd sound list
Peter KLASSEN (Rocke34206@aol.com)
for information on briefings, and finding and helping to figure out several new INF functions,Descriptions of the GMD`S
Anthony HALL (Ehhbetsy@aol.com)
for finding the INF texture function, and some metrics.
Paulius Stepanas (PStepana@VTRLMEL1.TRL.OZ.AU)
for his textures descriptions.
Very special thanks to Daron, Ingar and Ray.
You're the best !

May The Force Be With all of You...