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Doom Note

GOB files are a repository for many other files, and are by far the best way to distribute add-on levels.
They contain a header with a signature, a data part and an index part.

GOB_Header IS
 GOB_MAGIC        char[4]          // 'GOB' followed by 0x0A
 MASTERX          int32             // offset to MASTERN

The embedded files follow, then comes the index.

GOB_Index IS
 MASTERN          int32             // number of files in the GOB
 INDEXES          GOB_Ix_Entry[n]  // one index entry per file


GOB_Ix_Entry IS
 IX               int32             // pointer to start of the file
 LEN              int32             // length of the file
 NAME             char[13]         // name of the file, null terminated