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2022: Mines Contest

The Challenge

To find out what was the real secret of the Mines mission by Ari G.

Contestants: Princessruri, Secbase Unlimited, Karjala, Fish

mine_contest.zip - 1.2 MB (Seriously - do people still put file sizes anymore? Does it matter? =) )

Mines Contest

Screenshot from The Undermined

The Winner

1st Place:
The Undermined

by Secbase Unlimited

The Undermined

The Runners-Up

2005: As Seen in Star Wars

The Challenge

To recreate a scene or setting featured in one of the Star Wars movies. Authors were allowed to make new custom components for their entries.

Screenshot from Naboo Reactor CoreThe Winner

1st Place:
Naboo Reactor Core

by Matthew Hallaron

nabcore.zip - 366 KB

2003: The Secret Base Remakes

The Challenge

To create a new level from scratch that replaced the original "Secret Base" prologue mission. Only pre-existing custom components were allowed, and the entries had to adhere to the original mission briefing.

Screenshot from The Death Star Plans
The Winner

1st Place:
The Death Star Plans

by Barry Brien

barry-secbase.zip - 434 KB

The Runners-Up

  • Jeff's Secret Base - jeffbase.zip - 249 KB
    by Jeff 42

  • Nottheking's Secret Base - ntk_sb.zip - 246 KB
    by Nottheking

2002: The One Room Wonders

The Challenge

To create the most interesting and original Dark Forces add-on level within the tight constraints of a 32x32x32 DFU limit. No custom components were allowed.

Screenshot from Raid on the OvaridThe Winners

1st Place: Raid on the Ovarid
by Jacqueline Foss
Download: ovarid.zip - 8 KB

2nd Place: Untitled
by Barry Brien
Download: barry.zip - 33 KB

3rd Place: Armed & Dangerous
by Kevin Jackson
Download: a&d.zip; - 11 KB

The Runners-Up

  • Untitled - gsentry.zip - 19 KB
    by Geoffrey Simpson

  • DarthDoctor's "One Room Wonder!" - 1rmwndr.zip - 13 KB
    by DarthDoctor

  • The Exarvutor - exar.zip - 14 KB
    by John GAdRS

  • Freefall - orw.zip - 9 KB
    by AlexG