Before You Upload...

All file submissions are welcome and encouraged, and we endeavour to host all submitted files. However, due to the voluntary nature of the service, we ask that you stick to the following guidelines:

If you upload a file without following these guidelines, it will not be posted and you will be asked to make the necessary changes before resubmitting.


By uploading a file to DF-21, you are agreeing that it can be made freely available on the site to anyone who wishes to download it. All copyrights and legal responsibilties for files on DF-21 remain with the author(s) of those files. Authors can request the removal of their work from DF-21 at any time. When a newer version of a file is submitted, the old version may be deleted from DF-21.

We reserve the right to reject or remove files as we see fit. Files are scanned for viruses on submission and also checked for illegal or otherwise unsuitable content.

Uploading Instructions

You can upload files directly from your computer using this handy form:

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