Name Author(s) Size Description
Cybercraft CDark 3.0 Mattias Welander 741.70 KB Alpha build of the fully 3d Dark Forces editor
BMPDF Alexei Novikov 73.46 KB An extremely useful package of DOS utilities that allows you to convert Dark Forces FME, BM, DELT, ANIM and WAX files to/from Windows BMP or PCX files.
Cargo95 Tools Carlos Gomez 272.93 KB Contains FMECAD, an FME editing utility, and some other possibly interesting stuff.
CMPED 1.0.1 Murgo 72.00 KB A DOS-based CMP/PAL/BM editor.
ConMan v0.9 Alexei Novikov 158.71 KB A utility to browse and edit container files used by various 3D games (including DF).
Cyra Carlos Gomez 90.81 KB Advanced editor for various properties of WAX files. Allows extraction of frames for modification in FMECAD.
GobInfo Version 1.0 Allan Turp 52.76 KB This program collects some interesting information about the level(s) in a .GOB file. Get advance knowledge of the enemies, generators and powerups you are about to encounter...
DF Gold (Mac) Brad Oliver Various 1.32 MB Reportedly everything you need to edit DF with a Mac, including the Dark Forge editor.
DFONT v1.0 Peter Klassen 18.74 KB A small program to convert .FNT files to .PCX.
Dark Forces DeHacker 1.4 -=CHE@TER=- 78.82 KB Application that allows additional features such as Mouse-look. Updated to Version 1.4
Dark Frontend The Mega-ZZTer 97.90 KB A DOS-based add-on level manager.
Dark Forces 3D Renderer The Mega-ZZTer 31.60 MB Unity Based 3D Renderer for Dark Forces missions.
GMIDI 0.5 Beta Allan Turp 167.13 KB A DOS program that converts Dark Forces .GMD files to and from standard MIDI files.
PACMUT v1.0b Jereth Kok 123.02 KB A program which lets you edit .PAL and .CMP files.
Scale3DO Peter Klassen 9.49 KB A small DOS program that can reduce or enlarge the size of .3DO files.
Dark Forces Texture Positioning Calculator v1.0.4 Kevin Buscemi 11.89 KB Handy calculator to help you get those pesky offsets right. v1.0.4 adds floor & ceiling alignment.
VueCAD 3.0 Frank A. Krueger 197.64 KB A utility to create .VUE files.
View3DO 'Alex' 129.45 KB A program to view 3DO files using OpenGL.
Voc2RVoc 1.0 Oton 'Fish' Ribic 32.92 KB A utility for converting VOCs into looping VOCs that can be used as sound objects.
WDFUSE Common Files Yves Borckmans Alexei Novikov, David Lovejoy, Jereth Kok 861.98 KB The essential tutorial and help files for WDFUSE, which introduce and explain most of the key principles of DF editing. Includes the full Dark Forces file format specs Df_specs.hlp, as a Windows help file.
WDFUSE v2.10 (Win95) Yves Borckmans,Alexei Novikov,David Lovejoy,Jereth Kok 1.47 MB The latest full version of the most popular Dark Forces level editor for Win95. Be sure to download the WDFUSE Common Files too
WDFUSE v2.50 Beta 2 (Win95) Yves Borckmans,Alexei Novikov,David Lovejoy,Jereth Kok 553.16 KB Requires that the full version be installed first. This is not an essential upgrade, but it does fix a couple of things.
WDFUSE 2.6 Yves Borckmans,Alexei Novikov,David Lovejoy,Jereth Kok 2.81 MB This is the updated WDFUSE with modern fixes such as mouse control and 3D by Karjala and Azurda
Wedit 3.20 Ole Thomasen 607.68 KB The latest in Ole Thomasen's popular Dark Forces level editor for Win95 and up