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Where are people's projects up to?

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Joined: 16 Oct 2007

PostPosted: Jul 10, 2010 04:29    Post subject: Where are people's projects up to? View user's profile Send private message Reply with quote

Hey everyone, it's me again!

So, we get threads where people remind us they still exist every now and then, but what about the projects they work on? I know some people are waiting for DarkXL to come closer to completion before working more on their mods, but it worries me to think that we haven't had -any- complete levels released in over 2 years! (Tower of Doom was the last one out, and that honestly scares me)

So, I thought it might be an idea for a general "this is where I'm up to" thread, since I suddenly felt myself drawn to DF editing for the time being. Name your projects past and present, whether they're being worked on or shelved, how close (you think) they are to completion, stuff like that. Oh- no release estimates though, they're just disheartening in retrospective.

Anyway, I guess I should get the ball rolling:

Remake project 1 (Tower of Doom Revisited)
approximately 15% complete

I'd worked fairly significantly on this a long time ago, getting to about 50% completion. Then I shelved it for a year, and when I came back I really disliked how I'd done the base so far. So I deleted more than half the level, fiddled around with the exterior a bit, and shelved it again. Currently on the backburner, I want to finish project 2 first.

Remake project 2 (mystery level)
approximately 80%/50% complete.

I started this to amuse myself a little while back. It's a remake of one of the existing (and by this point ancient) DF fan levels. The story's the same, and the architecture follows a similar footprint. The 80% completion is for what compares to the original level, 50% includes personal additions. And no, you don't get to find out what the level it's based on is until it's finished.

Project "Kalmar"

Haha, yeah, Kalmar was something I announced a long time ago, shelved because I want to finish the above two levels -and- I kept getting different ideas for what I'd do with Kalmar's story. So I've decided that I should plot Kalmar's story completely before I start working on it (It's going to be one of -those- mods). Expect nothing too flashy, but certainly things never seen before. After all, I don't believe any DF level's ever tried abseiling before.

So, your turn. WIPs past and present, where do they stand?

"So, how goes (X) ?"


Burning Gundam
Kell Dragon

Joined: 28 Sep 2003

PostPosted: Jul 10, 2010 17:13    Post subject: View user's profile Send private message Send e-mail Reply with quote

I've started and shelved so many projects over the years.

My Current Projects:

Ransom on Tarsalus
Status: In Progress
Completion: 40%

A lot of the architecture has been completed for the first level, but the second and third levels still have much work to be finished. A lot of the skeletal work was borrowed from Spice Bust on Taloron (See below) to build the first level, but since so much of it has been altered over the years it looks nothing like I had originally intended it to look like, probably for the better though. Though lately I've been a little stuck for ideas for my other two levels so work has been going at a snail pace.

The Force Crystal (Formerly known as Jedi Crystal)
Status: Temporarily on Hold
Completion: 30%

One of my more ambitious projects that is more heavily story driven than my other project. The idea behind it was to do my best to create unique environments in each level, which is also why it is taking so long to get any progress done with it. Although the first level is complete and available to download, so the last 5 levels are all that remain. I think the big part will be trying to limit the levels as much as I can while at the same time making them appear larger than they really are, probably about the size of the first level, but maybe a little larger. The part taking the longest is having to create new textures from scratch or modify old ones slightly. Not to mention the second through fourth level are similar in objectives so I've been trying to figure out how to make each one different in achieving those similar goals. I had a lot of ideas come to mind for my other project so this one is on hold until I lose drive on that one.

Cloudspear 2
Status: Not Started Yet
Completion: Plot only

Kevin (Scapegoat) Buscemi handed this project off to me when he made his exit from the DF community and left behind a very small portion of what he had started with a few notes of what he had planned to do with it. I have a few ideas for what I want to do with this and since his levels have always been really puzzle driven have also been thinking of unique puzzles as well. Although with everything going on in my life right now and the DF community growing rather stagnant in the last few years I've lost a lot of motivation to get this one started.

Spice Bust on Taloron
Status: Cancelled
Completion: 99.99% Until....

This was the predecessor to Ransom on Tarsalus. I got a lot of inspiration from Assassination on Nar Shaddaa and Prelude to Harkov's Defection so a lot of my level design came from that. But my idea was to build most of the city in kind of a canyon setting so a lot of rocky cliffs and buildings intermingled with each other. It looked really unique. It also at the time had the largest sector count beating out AoNS by 500 sectors. I had been working on the project for 2 years and was literally days away from getting it released, until..... my computer decided to crash in mid-project save which ended up corrupting all the data and rendering the GOB file useless. I was so upset and stopped working on stuff for a while. But then I was going through some files one day and found an extra level file that I had extracted earlier. So with renewed vigor I proceeded to work on a new project and it became Ransom on Tarsalus.

Battle of Hoth
Status: Cancelled
Completion: 0%

This was a project that someone requested I do a while back via email. It was to involve the evacuation of Hoth from Kyle's point of view and what I had planned was something sort of like the second level from Shadows of the Empire. But I didn't know where to start or how I was going to go about doing it so I never got started on it.

I've had many other projects come to mind and be cancelled, and a lot of those got used in other projects that also either are still in progress or cancelled. I do at least want to get my two main projects done so at the very least I could say I did something and have a sense of closure to DF. But since work has been going about really slowly, I don't see me leaving here anytime soon Smile

I don't think outside the box... I customize it.


Joined: 06 Aug 2007

PostPosted: Jul 10, 2010 17:28    Post subject: View user's profile Send private message Reply with quote

Well there was a couple I was working on.

If anyone remembers that Dark Forces mod I was working on for Zdoom/Skulltag. That is pretty much on a hiatus (unless somehow I can get XWE to work and rip the enemy sprites I need). Most of the weapons are in there and work exactly the same. (The Assault Cannon's alt fire needs to be tweaked since it fires too fast.) You can find stuff on this somewhere in the Showcase. (Though at that time there were only 3 weapons)

And I have been creating something that took place sometime during the Sepan Civil War. Might go and start Mapping the base layout today.



Joined: 01 Apr 2008

PostPosted: Jul 10, 2010 23:16    Post subject: View user's profile Send private message Reply with quote

I've actually picked up on DF editing since the summer started, so it's progressing. Slowly, though -- it's a bit too ambitious for my skill level, so I've done more fiddling and learning than actual work on my first DF level. So here goes (this may motivate me to work a bit):

Interloper I
Status: In progress
Geometry - WDFUSE: 15% complete
Geometry - on paper: 60-70% complete
Artwork (textures, sprites, weapons): 25% complete
Sounds: 0%, though these won't take long

The level geometry hasn't gone very far since the screenshots I posted a while back . . . mainly because I'm unbelievably sick of Imperial bases; the non-base section of the level will go much faster.
Also a big issue is that I have two very great ideas, but only one can make it into the level; the design of the non-base section depends on this choice, and I don't want to abandon either idea (unfortunately, neither can even be moved to the sequels).

With the new texturing program, the actual level textures should be done in no time (maybe a week or two once I get started). Sprites will be much harder, as I have no experience with those, but they're a crucial part of the design . . . I'll have to learn.

INF . . . mmmm, there's quite a bit already in the level, but I have three very complex areas planned that might take some more learning. The first is a short imperial shuttle flight around the mountain base in the beginning -- not too original, but it's better than getting dropped off by the Moldy Crow.
Second, I mentioned before a certain reactor puzzle that I was having problems with. One of the areas that I haven't started yet, dreading the many iterations it'll have to go through before I'm satisfied. The INF language didn't handle my last attempt very well, so I totally scrapped it. At least it's getting a major graphical overhaul -- this'll be one of the "prettiest" areas in the level, for sure Smile
The last is the climax battle (I guess I could call it a "boss" -- though it won't use the BOSS INF logic), which I've already done extensive testing on in a cool demo level that I may release when the Interloper project is closer to completion. This'll be fun AND original, and so far I've had no issues with it.

Anyway, lately I've been doing much more planning than actual work (mainly involving the sequels). A better game engine will be necessary for those, unless DarkXL picks up again sometime soon. Interloper II will take place on a water world, outdoors with an infinite view into the distance, and the third chapter so far will take place (in part) on an Imperial ship. Originally I wanted a Star Destroyer, but NO WAY. It'll be something new. Again, the draw distance and large environment makes it impossible in DF.

JO and JA are definite "heck no"'s, for various reasons. JK, on the other hand, is sounding very good right about now . . . especially the COG language (still, there will be no Jedi or force powers). Also, depending on how good this first level turns out, I may or may not do a remake of it while I work on the sequels and other planned mods for other games.

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