Beyond Glory-
Complete Walkthrough


Into the base

As you start, get all the ammo. Continue, killing the Mailocs, and when you reach the fork, take the right path. Get more mailocs, and then find the hole in one of the ruined buildings, to drop through. There are other paths, one leading to ammo, and one to a whole ton of enemies past a bridge, but the important path is down the hole.

Once you drop, turn on your headlight, and go through the short passage. There is a fork. Take the left path for ammo, shield, and Thermals! Go down the other path for Mailocs, mailocs, ammo, more mailocs, shield, more mailocs,'re back outside. Go down the path ahead and take the left fork, and once again, there's ammo, shield, and MAILOCS. Go the other path, again, and go up the stairs for ammo, and more Mailocs. This is starting to get repetitive, isn't it?

Anyway, continue down a path, keeping headlight on at this point. More Mailocs! Argh! Continue, and you'll enter.....LIGHT! A bunch of buildings with roof's open, so Mailocs can drop in. But, some consolation...ammo! Go through all the open buildings, and then down the dark path. "If you go down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny." So true in this level.

I'm not even going to say Mailocs anymore. You'll enter another of those roof open buildings, and more MAILOCS! Go to the left fork, and get the Auto Gun, and some ammo. Open the dark side of the pillar to get a Revive. Go down the stairs and more enemies need to be killed. Go up the stairs to the left, and then straight across.

Be careful! If you saw "Raiders of the Lost Ark", then you know not to step on suspicious floor panels like these without being warned. Some contain traps, so step on the ones that I say. First room: left 1, right 2. Second room: Right 1, right 2. Go back up the stairs where the Revive was, and the door is now open! Continue through it.

Go up the stairs to the left that lead to the wall. Continue, and you'll reach Imperials! Finally some fun. Continue into a room with an Officer. Kill all enemies, and there's the Jeron Fusion Cutter. You'll eventually get outside again, where more Imps await their deaths. Continue. Up on the cliff is an ATST Pilot and a Stormtrooper. Get them!

Then continue into the next open area, where more snipers and Imperials are. Go through the door, and kill them! Go get the Medkit if you need it, and go up the elevator. Then press the switch in the elevator and quickly get out to enter the secret room that just opened.

Go back up the elevator by pressing the call elevator button, and get in. Ride to the top, and there should be Imps. If you got them from outside, they won't bother you here, otherwise, you have to fight again in close proximity. Press the switch to open the huge door below. Go through them. Kill all enemies. You're now in the base!

The hunt for the Red Key

Go through the door, and get all enemies and powerups. Enter the door that's already open, and press the switch to open the door. Run through it quickly, as it won't stay open. Go through some more rooms, and then you'll enter some sort of Power facility.

Go through the middle door. Look out! Too many enemies! There's a switch next to a door. Press it, and you'll get Shield, Medkits, Mortar Gun, and IM Mines. OK, the next part's hard. Enter the room looking over the river, and press the switch. Go to the yellow platform that dropped and drop down and into the space. Press both switches. One lowers the elevator, the other turns off the forcefields.

Rememeber where you entered this base? Go back up to where you opened the bay doors. The forcefield next to the switch is off. Go down the stairs and kill the enemies. Enter a room where a door needs the Red Key. Go to the left passage and enter the next door, and go down. Enter a door in the round pillar building, and get all enemies.

The switch is your objective. Press it, and an elevator descends outside this door. Off to the right's the new elevator. Continue left into a Cargo Room. After that is your "key" objective. Kill all enemies, including one of the Commandoes, to get a Concussion Rifle. Then kill all the enemies to get the Red Key. Go back to the door you passed, and open it. More enemies!

Go down the stairs. Enter the next room, and you're back near the green forcefield. Retrace your route back to the 3 door area, where I told you to go through the middle one. Go through the left one, and then up the stairs. Enter the door. This is the Red Key door, the one which you couldn't access until you got the Key.

Setting charge 1 and 2

Go to the right, and down the elevator. Continue, wiping out enemies, and you'll come to a big red door. Open it, and enter a building with enemies and a switch. Enter just inside the doorway and shoot the switch and then as soon as it's hit go back outside and jump on the rising platform. Cross it to the place closest to your right.

Enter the door, and go down the elevator. Go through the right door and down the stairs onto a red carpet. Continue up some stairs. Go to the left and then one of the panels to the right has an Extra life, and items. Now, open the door next to that. You'll enter a bedroom. Enter the next room, and press the switch. Go back down and through the new doors that just opened.

Go down the elevator. Get all items, and then doors will open revealing Senj. After a chat, kill all Dark Troopers, using the preferred weapon of Concussion Rifle. When the Dark Troopers come, I would have made Kyle say "Oh sh---" After they die, enter the newly opened door. Look, a welcoming party. Too bad they won't get a nice welcome.

Continue. When you reach the next area with a Concussion Commando, turn around and press the switch to open the doors ahead. Continue through the easy path with no forks. When you reach the area with the Scout Troopers again, find the switch to take you down an elevator. Press the 2 charge self destruct switches, ignoring Senj's cries for mercy.

The escape

Then, a door above will open. Continue, until you reach stairs going down to a big red door. Go to the right and press the switch to open it, then go outside. You shouldn't need my walkthrough now. You're just escaping. This is the Mailoc area :). Just head back to the Crow. Good luck! See you around in Beyond Glory 2.