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Former Staffers and Contributors

Paul Fenney
Kevin Jackson
Kevin Buscemi
Nathan Wilson
Assistant Webmaster, Forums Moderator
Jordan Boyer
Hall of Fame
Barry Brien
Reviews & Showcase Forum
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Very Special Thanks:

Original DF-21.net logo: 1999-2000
Sheldon Friedman: Supplied the funds to open DF-21.net in 1999. Without him, you probably wouldn't be reading this.

Kevin "Scape Goat" Buscemi: Beloved founder and creator of DF-21.net. On and off webmaster. Hero to all. Author of this paragraph.

Isaac Botkin: Designed the look and feel of DF-21.net.

Matt Hallaron: Various efforts on behalf of this site.

Patrick Haslow: Graphics.

Paul Fenney: DF-21 webmaster for several years.

Second DF-21.net logo: 2000-2002
Llyren: Donation of renewal fee.

Matt K: Organized payment for the domain name in 2001.

japh: Various technical contributions to the site without which it would have vanished off the internet a couple of years ago.