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Last Updated April 26, 2004

Each screenshot on this page shows some noticable difference from the final retail version of Dark Forces. The comments were originally written by Taylor Carr as part of a web page hosted at DF-21.org. That page was provided to DF-21 by Cory Buford, and has been converted into the format you see here. The scans from "The Adventurer" and "PC Gamer" were supplied by Adam Diggins. If you have anything to add, please let us know.

Please Read Adjacent Description First of all notice the stormtrooper in the middle of the picture? I don't know what he's doing (maybe reloading?) but I know they never appear in any way like that in the retail version. It may also be worth mentioning that the level in this picture is nowhere in the game, and its not even an add-on level. Also, the sky looks weird, like Coruscant towers are rising in the background, & the sun flare by the wall on the right is also new. Lastly, look at the difference in the right-hand status display.
Please Read Adjacent Description Just some of the things I notice in this picture are the textures on the walls are badly aligned. The floor underneath Kyle's gun is different, and the status display is weird-looking again.
Please Read Adjacent Description This picture (which is on the DF box itself) kept me believing for a while that there was a secret level in DF. My guess is that this was some place cut out of the Detention Center level in DF. But now look at the status display: the entire on-screen display has been flipped around, and the health meter/numbers for Kyle are green instead of red. Yes, I know I'm picking at little things, but so what?
Please Read Adjacent Description Well here's a different kinda screenshot. I've never seen any map colors like these in DF before. The blue and red and green colors might've made things a bit confusing in map mode. Look at the sections of your PDA, too. CFG? Configuration obviously, but why on your PDA? The WEAP button is replaced by this CFG one. I also don't see the EXIT button that's there in the full version. I've been told a few times before that the map is actually of a Star Destroyer level that never made the final cut in DF.
Please Read Adjacent Description I already see several different textures. Note the room at the center of the lake, note the floor texture, wall texture, etc. This picture is obviously before they started light effects in the level, too. And yet the display is strange again. Lucasarts must've had a tough time deciding the colors and aligning for the STATUS DISPLAY! I guess it goes to show those people had too much free time on their hands...
Please Read Adjacent Description Ugggh. Horribly-aligned textures, infinite ammo, weird status display and perhaps that's it for this one. Definitely a screenshot of the Secret Base level, close to the room with the Death Star plans. Kyle's health and shields seem to have vanished on the color meter, but he still has 100 health and 37 shields according to the numbers. I play DF a little too often, don't I?

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I recently visited an old DF site (can't remember address) that had these two above screenshots that are supposedly from Dark Forces cutscenes or something, but if you know otherwise, feel free to tell me.

The Adventurer

Winter 1994/95


PC Gamer

October 1994

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