Prelude to Harkov's Defection
Complete Walkthrough

By ShadowCell

| 11-22

In the game TIE Fighter an Imperial admiral called Harkov wishes to defect to the Rebellion. However, this may be an Imperial trick, so the Rebels are sending their newest commando to verify Harkov's wishes: namely, Kyle Katarn. Since his unexpected detour at D-42, Kyle is a full-time Rebel, and this is his first mission as a full-time Rebel. Your mission is to meet up with Imperial Captain Convegade in Harkov's part of the Imperial base on Nar Shaddaa. Once there you will get data tapes detailing Harkov's defection plans. Harkov's men have been ordered not to attack you, but not all of the Imperial troops on Nar Shaddaa are under Harkov's command. With tapes in hand, you then have to find a roof where Jan can pick you up. Have fun!

For the purposes of this walkthrough, prior events and locations will be referred to as numbers. For example, if the walkthrough instructs you to backtrack to 23, you must backtrack to the location assigned the number 23. 

Note: This walkthrough only covers the most direct route possible with only one detour during the mission. While this gets your mission objectives done faster, you miss all the cool stuff in this level.

1. Start

You start off in the Crow with Jan at the wheel. Cool, huh? You get a repeater and some credits, plus your Bryar, to start. DO NOT JUMP INSIDE THE CROW! If you do you'll go plummeting to your death outside the Crow somehow. Don't ask me why, just do what I say. When the Crow sets down, get out. Two doors are before you, behind the Outrider. Which door will you choose? (Note: for a fun visual effect for all you pyromaniacs out there, you can blow up the cluster of canisters behind the Outrider and create a flaming, smoldering crater.)

2. Door Number 2

You'll choose the one on the right. If you really want, you can skip this detour and head to the left door, but this side trip will score you an I.M. Mine and a blaster rifle, both of which are always helpful. Head to the door on the right and ride the elevator up.

3. Blaster Rifle

To get a blaster rifle, head left at the second opportunity. To get an I.M. Mine, go down to the end of the hall and enter on the right, then push the wall column back to get the mine. Once you've done both tasks, return to the hangar and enter the left-hand doorway. You can hang around in this area and drop some enemies to score major ammo if you want. But your objective after getting the rifle and mine is to return to the Outrider's hangar at 1.

4. Cargo Bay

Whether or not you decided to get the rifle and mine, you'll end up at this left-hand door. Open it via the right-hand switch. Head to the right and remove this air duct's grating. Hop in and head out to the other side. If you want, you can open the door at the back end of the cargo bay, but it'll lead to a corridor with an unpassable force field and a pair of Rodians. The only other door in the corrider leads to yet another hallway where you can watch a T-16 Skyhopper take off into the city. Your objective, however, is to get into that air duct.

5. Fun with Vertigo

A quartet of space tugs fly by as you emerge into the night to face a frightening new situation. Be very careful when exiting the duct. You get a very small ledge to crawl on and little room for mistake. Don't screw up or you go plummeting to your death. Crawl along this ledge to the next grate, remove it's covering, and hop in. Head down and exit the ducts through one of three grates: it doesn't matter which. However, if you want an extra life, enter the center duct and open a wall panel on the right.

6. Lobby

Eradicate the bad guy presence in this lobby and drop down to the lower level. Or take the stairs on the right or the elevator on the left. Whichever floats your boat. I just jumped down. No matter what you do, end up on the bottom level and head to the right. If you want a fusion cutter and some thermal detonators, enter either of the two short hallways opposite the grates. Clear out the bad guys, one of which is armed with detonators, and hop onto the piece of machinery to your left when you enter. Enter a crawlspace for an extra life.

7. Gas Mask Chasm

We have to get you a gas mask. Your need for it will become apparent when you reach Harkov's area. To that end, hop down to the lower level. With your back to the grates, swivel 90 degrees left and enter the hallway
to the left of the elevator. Head through the left-hand door and head to the edge overlooking a deep chasam. Water is moving up and down through it. When the water reaches your level, hop on and ride it down to the bottom. Head through the door, get the gas mask from behind a hatch in the wall, and ride the water flow back up. But while you're down there, beware of the slippery floor. A bug in the Dark Forces engine will make you move at about an eighth of a mile per hour, and you can't get any ice cleats to improve your speed on the slippery floor, so you'll have to sit back and wait to get there for about half an hour. But you need the gas mask, unless you're an especially quick sprinter. You can continue to explore the various branch-offs in the lobby if you want. Downing all the enemies with a few blaster bolts each could be very lucrative for your ammo supply. But your objective is to get to the train ticket station, opposite the grates on the lower level.

8. Red Train Ticket

Get a train ticket by flipping a switch in the ticket room. Then head through the next corridor, taking a right. Use the ticket to pass through the force field barricades.

9. Red Train Station

If you want a concussion rifle now, wait for the train to depart, then make a risky leap across the electric tracks to the other side where you can down the infamous Bossk. From there though, you can skip the wait for the train and find the small door next to the track. It leads to a long passageway you can take to the opposite station. Of course, if you don't want the concussion rifle now, hop on the train and ride it to the blue station.

10. Blue Train Station

When the train reaches its destination, exit on the right-hand side. IG-88 will attack you with a concussion rifle. Blast him and take the weapon—see, you got one after all—and head through the force fields. Eventually you'll come out onto a walkway. Remember to blast any enemies and take their ammo.

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