Mt. Kurek-
Complete Walkthrough


Entering the Garrison

Hello, all out there reading this! Note to all readers: This level was played and walkthrough made on HARD. If it gets too rough on you, use the LAIMLAME cheat. Anyway, as you start, continue forward. A probe droid should start firing at you, indicating the way to go. Stop at the chasm. Jump forward on the short steps, and continue.

At the final step, turn around and crouch and walk through the short passage. You should reach water. Don't worry, there aren't any dianogas. Fall into the water. Use your map to help you find the right way to go. Jump and crouch over all the short waterfalls, and you should come to a grassy area where 2 Speeder Bikes fly over your head. Kill all the Troopers in the area, as well as the Probe Droid. Ignore the 2 Snipers up from the cliff. You'll be there later, where you can get them easier.

Getting the Codes - Part 1

Open the nearby door, and enter. There should be 2 Scout Troopers, and an elevator with a switch next to it. Get in the elevator, and press the switch twice. Ignore the first stop. You'll be back here later in the level when you get the required Officer's Access Key. For now, go down 2 levels. At the bottom, around the corner, are 2 Commandoes, and 3 Stormtroopers fire at you from the forcefield.

Get the Commandoes, and then fire at the switches in this order: From left to right, switch 5, 3, 6, 1, and 4. Then, shoot the 2nd switch to open the door. Get all the enemies in the vicinity, and then get all ammo, and the medkit, if you need it. Open the door. Then, open the door to the right. You'll enter a small armory. It should contain, an Auto Gun, with 70 powercells(counting ammo by the Interrogator Droid), 7 Thermals, 5 IM Mines, and various other ammo. Exit, and continue farther.

Don't bother using the switch to open the the other detention center doors. They don't contain anything useful, except grans with no ammo, and Commandoes. Instead, open the doors that are closer to the ascending stairs, and open the farthest right side door. Inside, is one of those walls you can blow up. Use a thermal, and then inside are some powerups.

Now, go up the stairs, and eliminate all enemies. Some may have already came out of there as you were bothering with the detention center. They are the ones that fired at you from the window. Eliminate all nearby enemies. Go take the left fork, go across the bridge, wiping out Imperials along the way. You SHOULD get the Mt. Kurek Rear Entrance Key. This is needed, but we won't use it yet. It leads to a pair of double doors we can't open yet.

So, go back the way you came. On the way, notice the nearby stairs by the Key. Go up it, and open the elevator. Kill the Trooper who's unlucky to ride the elevator. Ride it up, and at the end, you can get the Concussion Rifle from a Commando, and a shield. Go all the way back to the waterfall at the beginning near the elevator that needed the Key. If you don't know how to get back there, follow all these events in reverse order.

Now, this time, go behind the waterfall, and Kyle will say "This must be the cloning facility's back entrance!" If you came here earlier, you would have needed the Rear Access Key. Enter. Ignore the switches. You don't have the code yet. Instead, blow up the containers to the right, and enter the small space. Follow the passage. Ignore the Remote droid. It won't follow you far.

You'll come across 2 Scout Troopers. Kill them, and continue until you reach an IM Mine. It blows off, and alerts a Scout Trooper to your presence. Eliminate him, and you'll reach the top. Carefully wander on the narrow ledge, and go to the right if you want to waste ammo and/or shield on 2 Scout Troopers. The reward is 10 powercells. Go the other way into another tunnel. Watch out for another IM Mine, and a Scout Trooper.

Eventually, on the left side, will be what looks like a hideout. Kill the 4 unmasked Troopers, and continue onward. You'll reach another ledge with 2 Scouts. Kill them. What I thought was funny, was shoot one once, then punch him and he'll fall down the ledge and die when he falls. Pretty funny. Anyway, you'll eventually drop into an outside area with boxes littering the area. Find your way around the boxes, and get the 20 plasma units for the Assault Cannon, which you'll get near the end. You'll also find another IM Mine trap, and 3 Troopers.

Now, it may seem like there's no way to go, but watch the first few TIE Fighters fly by, and you'll see the answer. There's a hangar behind the waterfall. Jump into it, and run past the Turret. Eliminate all TIE Pilots and other enemies. You should find a small gray door. Enter, and kill all Troopers, Officers, and TIE Pilots. Press the switch, and write down the 3 symbol code. 1 code piece down, 1 to go.

Getting the Codes - Part 2

Go back through the hangar. This time, stop on the ledge below the hangar. Press the switch to open the huge doors back outside. Jump back through the waterfall, and cross the bridge into the base. (Now make codes part 2 link to the following text) Get all Troopers and Officers. Go through the door which has access granted to you, and go up both flights of stairs.

Enter the next room, and there are more kills to add to your kill list. In the small alcove to the right of where you enter are 5 Thermal Detonators. Continue and there'll be a door to your right that houses some Officers. Think of this as a Control Room. Pass through to the other side. Kill all Troopers and it's a dead end!!! NO!!!!!!!!! YOU CAN'T!!!

You must be kicking yourself for all this work and you came across a Welding Arm!!! Actually, just fall down. Do it! OK, you fell down. See? You're alright, AND there's an exit down here. Go through the door. And look, there's the 2nd code to write down! And, one of these Officers carries the Officer's Access Key! Now you must be congratulating yourself. It's not done yet.

Entering the Facility

Now, you'll take an alternate exit out of here. You should see a door between stairs and ahead of the pillar with the Welding Arm on it. You can call the lift down, and then press it until you're going up. Then, go back to the Rear Entrance, and this time, enter the code in the following manner. Enter Part A of the code exactly as it appears from BOTTOM to TOP on the left hand side. Then, enter Part B exactly as it says on the right side from TOP to BOTTOM. The doors should now open.

Charge 1- The Cargo Room Puzle

Kill all enemies, and enter the middle set of doors. Go to the other side, and press the switch. Fire at the switch and hurry back to the left side as you exit. Hurry before the doors close. Continue, ignoring stairs to the right side, eliminating all enemies. Press the switch, and the doors will open. When you continue, a shade will rise revealing Sate's shuttle. You can either watch and listen to it, or just continue as you listen to it.

NOW comes the fun part. Jump from boxes to boxes, until you get to the Power Coupling. Eliminate the Commando, and plant the charge. Now you have 20 seconds to get back by jumping from boxes and getting through the door. If it blows as you're going through the door, don't look back. Just keep running, or the floor will squish you.

Charge 2- Cave in!

The place to leave when you reach the door should seem obvious. A small crawlspace. Now, go to the door at the other set of stairs. The explosion caused debris to fall here, revealing a space to the right of the door, just small enough to crawl through. Do it now. You should see a room with enemies to the left. Go, eliminate them, and notice the alcove protected by a forcefield. Shoot the switch you can see from there, get in the alcove, and hurry out. You now have an Extra Life, and the Assault Cannon!

Continue past all the rooms, and then you'll see another heavy door. Open it, and there's a catwalk here. 2 Officers, 2 Probe Droids make for some heavy action. Cross it to the Coupling. Insert the 20 second timer charge, and run back. When you reach the door, a cave in starts, making the exit inaccesible. I didn't notice any exit, so just let yourself die. If any of you know the way out of there, glady email me at and I'll update this walkthrough.

Charge 3-the dud, escape, and the end

It all comes down to this. The final charge. If you died, you'll start just where ya need to be. Go near where you came in from the door, and a new crawlspace is open. Follow the map by dark if you're a true Jedi. Otherwise, use the battery if you're a Dark Jedi. At the end, you'll find a place with the same kind of door. It opens, revealing Sate. There's a little conversation.

After that, a Dark Jedi using Phase 3 logic emerges. This jedi resembles Joruus C' Boath. Destroy him. Assault Cannon with Concussion Rifle makes him die fast. After that, Sate curses you and disappears. There should be stairs. Quickly escape. This place is falling apart with the death of the Dark Jedi. Go down the elevator you get into, and get the Commandoes. On the outside wall, there's a door. Enter.

This is the command center for the cloning. There's also the coupling behind a forcefield. Up a platform is the switch to turn it off. Do it, and quickly put the charge in. This time, it's safe to stand by the charge. "What the-it didn't go off!" Damn! Just wish it goes off later. Anyway, the door on the inside wall opens now. It's the elevator in the mountain, like the game said.

Then, you'll learn that, as you're standing on it, it only rises for .5 seconds. Then, you learn that the explosions damaged the elevator. And you also learn that the charge was a dud. They seem to do that a lot lately. When you think there's no hope of escape.....

The volcano erupts, pushing the elevator up, and you get to the top. You can't breath, and you don't have a Gas Mask. At the top, go down next ledge, then cross the lava to the right. Then the mountain starts to blow! The mountain then blows you off the side.

Now you end up with volcanic rock. There's also a Probe Droid. What it's doing in a volcano is unknown. Continue through the passage. As you cross lava, it pushes you up. Continue. You hear a noise, and then debris falls from the sky outside. Continue, and you'll find that the debris was the Shuttle. Unfortunately, Sate jettisoned from it before the Shuttle got destroyed, and he escaped. But, upon further examine, it was the Command Staff without Sate Prestage. And it came with 2 survivors. Eliminate them, and continue.

You'll reach a chasm. Jump across it, and then below. You'll finally reach a drop off point. Jan said she has to give you "just a few more seconds". The Crow arrives just as more debris starts falling and the cloning facility's destroyed for good. I'll see you next time when I make a walkthrough for another level.

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