Omega Red: The Return-
Complete Walkthrough


After Jan talks to you, continue through the cave, and keep going straight. Get on the elevator and descend. At the bottom, go around the crystals and get the Enhanced Fusion Cutter. You'll learn that this is an Imperial Mining Facility. Go into the center elevator, and ascend. At the top, get 50 power cells, and go around the corner, and--- SURPRISE! A trooper's there. Dispose of him, and get the Blaster Rifle. Continue, removing more Troopers.

You should come to a stairway leading down, with 2 Troopers and an Officer. Get them, and press the switch to start the mining process. Go backtracking to that Welding Arm and the Fusion Cutter. The Welding Arm blew a hole in the wall, allowing access into the facility. Kill all Troopers, and if you like, look at the making of ammo. First, power crystals fall onto the conveyor, and fall down a hole where it continues the process as it flows into hot liquid. Then the crystals get melted into yellow liquid. As it passes around the corner, it gets made into Power Cells.

Continue through the door. There are Commandoes and a shuttle. There's also 80 Power Cells. Go up the nearby elevator by the shuttle, and continue through the caves. There are Field Troopers, and a small bunker with some Scuba Gear, shield, and a Stormtrooper Helmet. Go to the left of the bunker as you exit, and drop into the water. Swim, and then follow the path.

After you pass through the waterfall, there'll be 4 Probe Droids. If you're low on shields, you should find a cave with some and some ammo as well. Otherwise, there'll be a small cave next to that, where you have to go. There will be 1 Mailoc. Get him, and then go through the right hand fork.

Enter, and follow my directions exactly. Continue, and when there's a fork, take the right path. Follow it straight, and there'll be a room with 3 Mailocs, and some shield. Then follow the passage and you'll be back outside. You'll see that 4 Mailocs have killed a Trooper. Get the mailocs, and strip the Trooper of his weapons. Go straight some more, and there'll be 2 dead Troopers and 1 live one. Kill them, and get Medkits, if you need it.

Continue, walking carefully over the rocky platforms, and through the other side. There'll be 2 Scout Troopers and 1 flew off. Get them, and follow the right hand passage. There'll be another Scout Trooper, and an elevator. Get on it, and at the top, carefully walk or jump into the cliff past it. Here's the other Speeder Bike. Get the Scout, and open the door. More scouts, and a Speeder hanging by a chain.

Go up the stairs, and get the Officers. Cross the bridge around the corner, and get all ATAT Pilots. Go up the stairs, and flip the left switch. The right switch's encrypted. The left door opens, so go through it. There should be a hole you can fall through. Be careful, and ready. There are 3 Mailocs, as well as Power Crystals. Follow the passage, and snipe the Troopers from semi-safety up above. Then, drop down. The guns you see are the AA Guns. It's time for you to take them out. Enter the right door, and up the elevator. Open the door, and get all enemies.

Open the door next to that. Nice ammo locker. Get the Auto Gun, and Power Cells. If you haven't used any of those cells yet, which I suggest not to, you'll have 400 Power Cells. Go up the stairs next to the elevator you came up in. There'll be 2 Troopers. Enter the middle door, and get more Troopers. Enter the 3rd door on the right from the end of the room. You'll get 13 Thermal Detonators. Go back, and you'll see a fork to the left. Take it. Up the elevator, get the Troopers, and open the door. You'll enter a room with 2 Troopers and an Officer with the AA Core Key.

Backtrack to the AA Guns, and open the middle door. If you tried to earlier, it would have been locked. Get the 4 Officers, and press the switch. The AA Guns have now been powered down. The Crow has now arrived. Jan tells you to get outside, so do it! Jan tells you to get on quick, but then she sees a door opening with Troopers and ATSTs. You have been declared arrested by Admiral Nishka, and Jan says you need another ride.

Go to the door the ATST's legs are in. There'll be a grate to the left. Blast it with a Thermal, and continue. Go to the far end of the ventilation shaft, and blast the 3rd grate with a thermal. Enter, kill the Officer, and get the Fuel Room Clearence Key. The path should seem obvious. Blast the explosive containers, and continue. You should follow the sewage to the end, then follow the caves, and drop back down next to the powered down AA Guns.

Go back the way you came, and this time blast the 2nd door. Press the switch down there, then press the switch that lowers. This lowers the fuel/liquid in the first door's room, allowing access. Thomas Gant wonders where the fuel goes. You discover that the big room was a giant fuel storage tank.

At the end of the bridge, carefully drop onto the door's ledge, and open it. Continue, and go to the right door. Open it, and kill the Troopers and Officer. Press the switch. This drains all fuel tanks. Go back, and the door you passed is now open. GO through it, and you'll kill an Officer, and ride a short elevator to the top. Thomas says he never saw that type of freighter before.

Admiral Nishka appears, and tells you to fight a squad armed with his new weapon. This is the perfect opportunity to use the Fusion Cutter. Kill the 3 Commandoes with the Concussion Rifle. Nishka orders the commander to take off. All you have to do is enter the freighter before it takes off. You get onboard just as the doors close. Now to find Admiral Nishka! The end! Press ESC to complete the mission.