Star's End: The Cloak
Complete Walkthrough

By ShadowCell

After the defeat of Rom Mohc at the hands of the famous Kyle Katarn, the Mohc family was shunned forever by the Empire. His honor tainted by his brother Rom's defeat, Thon Mohc has retreated to the desolate moon of Mytus VII, aka Stars' End. What is he doing there, you ask? Why, he's building a cloaking device small enough to be worn by a single man. Such a deadly weapon in the hands of the limitless armies of fanatic stormtroopers is the reason Kyle Katarn has been sent in to destroy the facility. You must also figure out where Thon is getting the raw materials to build these cloaking devices. But be prepared to face Thon himself somewhere in your mission, because he won't let the fate of his brother Rom go unavenged...

For the purposes of this walkthrough, prior numbers and locations will be referred to as numbers. For example, if the walkthrough instructs you to backtrack to 23, you must backtrack to the location assigned the number 23.

There are a few areas in this walkthrough I don't mention. Those areas hold no importance to your mission, but are still great fun to screw around in anyways, and Jereth Kok's level should be admired for the great job he did on it. If you don't want to smell the roses, that's fine, you can still complete the mission, but it's much more fun if you do.

1. Start

You begin your mission overlooking a small canyon with a river at the bottom. The Crow banks away and flies off. Turn 180 degrees and head to the opening in your right. Head through the cave, but be ready to blast a probe droid on the other side. These malevolent mechanical demons are floating everywhere in the canyons outside the facility. Be wise with your ammo.

2. Blasters and Bombs

Swivel 180 again and head down the left-hand cave. As you go spelunking, blast a commando to get his blaster rifle. You'll need it. Exit onto a platform and blast the guards, then hop to the right to a small spire to get two thermal detonators. You'll need these too. Head back to the main platform and cross to the other side, jumping to the opening.

3. River

A very swift river lies here after a twisting canyon. Hop onto the rock in the middle. Do not fall in. Then hop to the other side. Cross the bridge and head towards the facility.

4. Side Entrance

Naturally, you can't get in through the front door. So head to the right of the facility until you find a door with a cracked wall nearby. If you collect enough detonators (you need three) you can blast open the wall, but the door is your objective. Continue on.

5. Inviso-Trooper

Around a bend, with an R2 unit working at a panel, is your first encounter with an Inviso-Trooper. He disappears, then flashes into existence long enough to shoot at you, and disappears again. My advice: nail him when he's visible to fire. Continue down the corridors to their end.

6. Blue Key

To get the necessary blue key, you have to open a door on the right-hand side of the corridor leading to a dark room. Blast the resistance, take the key, and return to the first right-hand door.

7. Elevator

Head through the red key door, then through the next door. The switch just opens the big red-and-black door to the base entrance. Your main objective is through this door to the elevator. This elevator takes you to the other levels of the base. Bring it up and blast its occupant.

8. The Levels

Right now, you're on G, for Ground Level. Above you is R, for Roof, where another mission objective will play itself out. That's the rooftop landing pad. Below you are Basement Level 1 and Basement Level 2. Head down to Basement Level 1.

9. Factory Level

Enter into a firefight on both sides. Blast all Imperial scum and stop to ponder your situation. The left-hand path leads to a conveyor belt, replete with welding arms and crushers, and the right-hand path leads to a tram to the other side of the floor. But access to the tram is denied. Guess you gotta do things the hard way, eh? Hop out the window on the left hand side.

10. First Stop

On your way down the conveyor belt, keep your eyes peeled for an auto gun in a small alcove on the right. Head down the belt, ducking as necessary to avoid overhangs and running under crushers. Hop off when the belt takes you into a room with Imperials. Rid the room of the Imperials and follow the belt, blasting more Imperials.

11. Second Ride

Hop onto the belt at the area with the welding arms, but first hang a curve around the area with the spinning turbines to reach a fusion cutter. Ride the conveyor belt into a second room with a red door. Blast the occupants of the room and head behind the big L-shaped control panel. Throw the switch and enter the crawlspace for an Extra Life! Then open the red door.

12. Damn, I've Always Wanted to be Invisible

The door on the left leads to the cloaking center. Unfortunately, it's locked and you can't open it. So instead, head to the right, to the lift, and ride it up. Aha! The tram! Ride it back to the "access denied" door at 9. Be sure to pick up the code key from one of the dead officers before you go on your tram ride.

13. Elevator Again

Uh oh, the Imps brought in reinforcements. Dispose of them and ride the elevator down to Basement Level 2. Enter the code from the key you got at 12 to open the big door. Be sure to get the auto gun tucked in a corner.

14. Testing Area

Here's a scary fight: plenty of Inviso-troopers, a few officers, commandos, and stormtroopers, versus you. Fight hard. Then you can ride either of the lifts on the side up to snipe at more officers and Inviso-Troopers. Be sure to get all the power-ups in this room, especially the plasma cannon. You're going to need it shortly. Close all the big doors, because an endless stream of Inviso-Troopers will come out if you don't.

15. Showdown with Thon

Once you've swept all four testing areas clean, head for the newly opened door with a big column in the middle. A lift lowers Thon to greet you. Uh oh! He acts just like his brother Rom, but with a big advantage: he can cloak too. But he can be beaten. Once he dies, take the lift that appears on the left down. Snag the revive and plant the sequencer. Time to get out of here!

16. Smuggler Ship

Get to the door you entered the testing area through. Ride the elevator up to R, the Roof Level, where the smuggler ship has landed. Clear the roof of bad guy presence, then head up the ramp into the smuggler ship and clear that of bad guy presence too.

17. The Bridge

Take the ship logs from the bridge, the right-hand door. Then throw the launch switch. Regrets? Nah. Wait for the ship to take off. Uh oh! As you rise into space, a trio of TIE fighters start blasting you. Hurry! Turn tail and race out of the bridge to the other door: the escape pod door. Make your way into the pod and throw the switch for your escape.

18. Mission Accomplished!

The escape pod jettisons and you escape. Unfortunately, when you land, your transmitter is broken. Find the escape pod's beacon to call Jan in, then find a cracked wall. Bomb it with detonators and meet Jan, then watch the pyrotechnics as the cloaking facility explodes. Mission Accomplished!