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Briefing Generator:

This creates Dark Forces LFD briefings for a single mission.

If you get stuck! Contact DF21 Support Here

The main briefing will show objectives at the bottom

Your objectives will show up in the PDA as well. They will update (Gold color) if you choose to trigger them


  1. Put in the TITLE of your mission Ex: Assassinate Darth Vader. You can use <br> tags in your text to create new lines.
  2. Choose a LEVELNAME for your briefing. Mostly it will be SECBASE. IMPORTANT! If you get this wrong it will not show up in the game
  3. Write down your BACKGROUND and MISSION details. Combined the text must be less than 2000 characters
  4. Write down some OBJECTIVES for your misison. Combined the objectives must be less than 400 characters.
  5. Press Submit to download the DFBRIEF.LFD automatically!
  6. Place DFBRIEF.LFD in your mission to see new briefing and objectives

Convert your own BMP file to DELT

Upload your own BMP image (such as your own Briefing File) and conver to DELT.
Note: It must be a 256 color BMP. If you are converting a briefing file it must be 198 pixels width or it WILL NOT LOAD!

After DELT is downloaded, rename it to your level name. Ex: SECBASE.DELT and put it inside your DFBRIEF.LFD

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