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Containers & Patching Doom Note


Dark Forces contains a huge amount of files, and these are grouped by type in what are called GOB files and LFD Files. They serve as containers for other files which in turn contain information. GOB Files mainly contain the level information, while LFD Files contain the data needed for the cutscenes, the briefings, and more generally all what is drawn OUT of the 3D engine.


Files can be extracted from the GOB and worked upon, then be used in the game. LucasArts made a very good job of this and prepared a path for users to modify levels. If you want to make DF accept new or modified files, create a GOB file with them (say mylevel.gob). Then use the following command line: dark -umylevel.gob

The order in which DF looks for a file is as follows:

  1. as a file in the installed directory
  2. in the GOB specified by -u...
  3. in its normal GOB in the installed directory
  4. in its normal GOB on the CD

LFD resources can also be extracted and worked upon, but there isn't any facility to load them.
What you have to do is recompose the patched LFD, and set it in the installed directory, or in the lfd subdirectory of the installed directory.

Putting a patched LFD in a GOB and loading it with -u doesn't seem to work.

General File Description Doom Note

Files critical to DF:
JEDI.LVLList of the levels
TEXT.MSGIn-game text messages
BRIEFING.LSTList of the briefings
CUTSCENE.LSTList of the cutscenes
CUTMUSE.TXTCutscene musics
Levels are composed of 6 files, found in dark.gob
name.LEV geometry (static)
name.INF workings (dynamic)
name.GOL goals
name.O objects
name.PAL palette
name.CMP palette mappings
Textures are stored in .BM files, as are the weapons display, and so on.
Soundsare stored in .VOC files (normal Creative Labs format).
Musicsare stored in .GMD files (General MIDI format).
Objects are stored in the following files depending on their type :
name.3DO 3D (real 3D object)
name.FME FRAME (a "one view" object)
name.WAX SPRITE (i.e. all the enemies)
name.VOC SOUND (any sound)
3D object motions are stored in .VUE files (normal 3D Studio format).