Name Author(s) Size Description
Fully Textured AT-ST Version 3.0 Matt Hallaron 111.34 KB
A highly-detailed 3D AT-ST that can be used with turret logic.
Textured Gun Turret Barry Brien 2.09 KB
A textured version of the gun turret seen in DF.
Fully Textured Shuttle Matt Hallaron 50.22 KB
More accurate and better looking than the original. Complete with landing gear.
HD Moldy Crow Adam Richards 97.71 KB
Fan-made, updated model of the Moldy Crow
Death Star Plans Barry Brien 3.06 KB
Two textured Death Star Plans 3DOs.
Fully Textured R2 Unit Jereth Kok 7.73 KB
An R2 unit, complete with textures (as seen in Star's End: The Cloak).