Name Author(s) Size Description
Covert Missions of the Rebellion: Episode 1: Dark Forces Over Earth: Mission 1: Gala for the Emperor (preliminary version) LemmHead/Sir Lemming 897.69 KB Crash the Emperor's party and blow up his chair. Promising premise, but has 'too-many-enemies' syndrome.
Imperial Asteroid Mining Facility Demo Taton Qek 226.37 KB Unfinished final version of this project
Big Headed Dark Forces Demo Tom Resnick 284.21 KB 'Teaser' 1-level demo featuring some very amusing WAXes...
The Dark Horizon- Level 0: Byss Demo DarthDoctor 0.99 MB Work in progress from this multi-level project
Operation Cakewalk Demo Steven Sherber (Kir Kanos) 2.16 MB Hilarious spoof level. Be sure to check out the cutscenes.
Operation Cakewalk Demo #2 Steven Sherber (Kir Kanos) 7.47 MB An expanded demo, with plenty of new surprises.
Crossroads TC Demo Scape Goat 83.07 KB Demo of 'adventure game'-style total conversion (now cancelled)
Cruiser demo Tommos 13.61 KB 'Pre-demo' snippet from a level in progress.
Dark Eye Demo JorBo 21.11 KB Unfinished first version of Operation: Dark Eye I
Foundations of Destruction KnighT 520.89 KB Early unfinished level, featuring a rain effect
Detention Base demo Max Duckwall 10.70 KB Early beginnings of a level.
Dark Siege 2: Eye of the Storm-12 TJ13 114.13 KB Preview version of Dark Siege 2
Escape from the Dead City Demo Ryan Manion 86.70 KB Preview of this level in progress
Assassination at Nar Shaddaa Demo Barry Brien 189.53 KB Preview of Episode I of the Boba Fett series
Volcano Base Demo Geoffrey Legg (DF4GL4EVER) 346.52 KB A preview of the work-in-progress.
GJ Demo Geoffrey Simpson 190.71 KB A teaser level to tie in with the 'Base' project
ice2.gob Llyren 50.47 KB The icy world of Legacy of Darkness II: Fugitive
Marley's Demo Christian Callaghan (aka Marley) 19.59 KB Work from an as-yet-untitled project
Mercenary Demo Jacob Lachance 747.94 KB Work from an unfinished project.
Maximum Security Demo Fenwar 107.06 KB Early test version of the level in progress
Battle for Naboo: The Escape
(Unfinished Palace Demo)
Downward Spyral 3.28 MB A second preview of the forthcoming Episode I level
Quintix Compound TJ13 20.60 KB Early unfinished level from the Dark Siege author
The Rising Fire Jackyfrost 66.27 KB Demo of the level in progress
The Rock 2: Nar Shaddaa Barry Brien 1.17 MB Unfinished final version of the Rock 2.
The Rock, Part 3:
Prison Station, Corporate Sector
Clayton Cameron 445.35 KB Unfinished final work of The Rock 3.
Ruins Demo Ryan Manion 229.16 KB A new demo from the author of the Escape from the Dead City Demo
Katana Fleet Fun Super Suprise 34 !!!! Christian Callaghan (aka Marley) 28.11 KB Early work from the ISD Relentless project
Trade Federation Security Droid Downward Spyral 11.96 KB Beta-version WAX of the Episode I droid
Station to Station Demo Barry Brien 26.68 KB A train ride from the in-progress Boba Fett series
SWAT-TC Madine 443.74 KB Unfinished final version of SWAT-TC.
Rebel Intelligence III-Taloraan: Battle in the Sky Casey Neumiller 175.81 KB Sequel to the in-progress Project Vorknkx previewed.
The Beelzebub Factor GAdRS 1.28 MB Unfinished version of the cancelled project
The Dive: Operation Rescue
(Remains of the Project Demo)
Adam Diggins & Jacob Lachance 2.33 MB The unfinished final work on a cancelled project. 
Battle for Naboo: The Escape Demo Downward Spyral 200.42 KB Preview of the forthcoming Episode I level
Training on Arroara Jedi Cheddar 28.59 KB An unfinished training facility level
Train Demo Matthew Horrocks 203.33 KB A demo of a work-in-progress.
The Under Fire Series TJ13 1.28 MB Four-and-a-half levels' worth of unfinished project.