Name Author(s) Size Description
Missing Cutscene Patch ? 1.49 KB Adds the 'missing' cutscene of Kyle loading his weapons to the original game.
DFFonts v1.5 Peter Klassen 5.94 KB A Dark Forces font for use in Windows. Useful for briefings.
INF Documentation v3.51 Jereth Kok 26.82 KB An EXTREMELY useful INF help file.
Dark Forces: Katarn's PDF Font James (Burning Gundam) Milne 11.19 KB A true type font for use in Windows and Mac OSX.
New Recoloured Fonts GAdRS 3.84 KB The author put it best: This is a new set of recoloured fonts for Dark
Alternate LucasArts Logo Matt Hallaron 344.01 KB A better looking LA logo converted from the 'Force Commander' demo. Also improves the 'A long time ago...' text.
New Stormtrooper Sounds MOD DrkJedi82 76.04 KB Changes the sounds made by stormtroopers to be more like the movies.
Liteweight DF Patch DarthDoctor 159.21 KB This patch shrinks Dark.gob from 13+ MB to 0.9 MB.
PBRFs Peter Klassen 22.02 KB Thrawn and Ackbar .ANIMs for use in briefings.
Revised DF patch intjacob 52.56 KB Secret Base too easy for you? This patch uses multiple PLAYER logics to even the odds a little...
Reedikulous Gore Patch TJ13 90.51 KB This patch gore-ifies the death animations of stormtroopers, commandos, and officers.
New Texture Lists v1.10 GAdRS 247.98 KB Improved versions of the WDFUSE texture lists by Paulius Stepanas.
Twisted Dark Forces Patch Chris Landrum 324.96 KB Changes some weapons, sounds, and enemies.
Vue01.xls Paul Nemesh 28.42 KB An Excel spreadsheet for help in making VUE files.