Name Author(s) Size Description
3Dmad Len Bowers 8.74 KB An old level that contains some impossible rooms.
Magical Mystery Door Paul Fenney 16.54 KB An 'impossible' door created by simulating a double adjoin.
Adjoin Ideas Kevin Buscemi 19.14 KB Several interesting ways of using the 'adjoin' commnand.
Advanced INF GAdRS 14.54 KB An interesting demonstration of what happens when INF definitions directly conflict with each other. Based on an idea by Scape Goat.
Boing! AlexG 10.95 KB Shows you an interesting use of magnetically sealed walls and hidden triggers.
Bridges Over A Puddle Of Water Paul Fenney 19.79 KB Several attempts to make a bridge that crosses over water.
Elevator Trigger Demo Murgo 12.43 KB Showcases a technique for creating triggers that are only affected by certain weapons.
The Execution Casey Neumiller 27.28 KB Watch yourself (try to) fight a Kell Dragon.
Follow Me Too! Casey Neumiller 15.09 KB Escort a defecting Imperial officer to safety!
Follow Me! Casey Neumiller 8.54 KB An attempt at creating a civilian WAX using mousebot logic.
Season Changing Fast Murgo 18.81 KB Uses a custom .CMP file to transform an entire scene instantly.
Jereth Level Ideas Jereth Kok 2.01 MB This mini-level showcases a few new assets and concepts that I've come up with over the last year or so.
Morph Me Up Paul Fenney 16.95 KB Demonstrates INF techniques to grow and shrink sectors.
New Boss Murgo 8.63 KB Shows how you can use a Bossk as a boss character.
Kyle's Nightmare Alexei Novikov 11.76 KB Multiple logics. Aren't they great...
No Shooting Casey Neumiller 8.00 KB Stormtroopers that don't shoot until they're shot at.
Operation: Zero X Paul Fenney 16.99 KB An INF version of Tic-Tac-Toe.
Perplexion Jereth Kok 31.09 KB An older level that demonstrates some very unusual effects.
Multi-PLAYERs Kevin 'Scape Goat' Buscemi 10.95 KB Shows a possible use for Player logics being placed on multiple objects.
Sensation Peter Klassen 25.95 KB An experimental level that moves the player using a VUE.
Ski Attack intjacob 84.90 KB Kyle Goes Skiing... an interesting new challenge.
Strange Christian Callaghan 9.71 KB An experiment with player and Boba Fett logics...
Manipulating texture size and resolution with INF Barry Brien 136.20 KB Two rooms that demonstrate how to stretch and squash textures.
The Tree Barry Brien 17.18 KB Shows how trees can be synthesised in DF.
Moving Turrets Jean-Francois 'Maverick' Lacassaigne 10.88 KB This level combines logics with VUEs to create moving turrets. Could also be useful with a custom 3DO.
Watch this! GAdRS 136.66 KB A simple level that allows you to watch yourself walk around in a room.