Name Author(s) Size Description
The 3DO and You Barry Brian 164.52 KB Everything you wanted to know about 3DOs but were afraid to ask..
Batch File Making Tutorial John Gadrs 34.13 KB This is a tutorial for making BAT files to run a Dark Forces custom level.
Creating DF Components TJ13 365.01 KB This tutorial details all the essentials you'll need to know in the creation of a wide variety of Dark Forces components.
Dark Forces INF Tips and Tricks Peter Klassen 169.00 KB Some neat, little tricks you can do with INF. Includes a demo level.
INF and GOL information Jereth Kok 63.19 KB A pack of informatory files and demos on making editing and making Dark Forces levels. This covers INF and GOL files in particular.
Briefing Tutorial David Arandle 49.48 KB Create a mission briefing LFD from scratch.
Vue Tutorial Jean-Francois 'Maverick' Lacassaigne 93.37 KB Small demo level on how to create and use VUE with 3DO.