Name Author(s) Size Description
Blaster Bolt Casey Neumiller 1.08 KB A textured version of the red blaster bolt that looks a bit nicer than the original.
BlasTech DL-44 Blaster KnighT /
David Arandle
19.76 KB Replaces the pistol with Han Solo's weapon of choice. Includes sounds.
Blaster Bolts! Casey Neumiller 2.44 KB A pack of red, blue and green blaster bolts.
James Bond TJ13 13.23 KB Replaces three DF weapons with GoldenEye 64 weapons.
Bullet intjacob 1.26 KB An invisible 3DO for use with stormtrooper rifle and bryar pistol for a realistic gun mod.
H-13a 'Trooper Scooper' Jesse Hearndon 716.48 KB Mow Stormies down with an AutoCAD-generated weapon. (Replaces the Assault Cannon.)
Devastator Chris Landrum 104.03 KB Taken from another game. Replaces the fusion cutter, so it's not as devastating as it looks.
Goldeneye TC TJ13 135.90 KB Converts weapons, sounds, items, the loading screen and even the status bars
Mark IV Goobgun Patrick Haslow 63.14 KB A new weapon that replaces the Fusion Cutter. Includes all of the necessary BMs, WAXs, FMEs, and VOCs.
Thermal Detonator Patch Adam Hock 76.98 KB 'Because he's holding a Thermal Detonator!!!' - that looks like the one in Return of the Jedi.
Imperial Stormtrooper Rifle Steven Sherber 15.88 KB The Stormtrooper Rifle, as it appears in Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2.
Omega 8 Taton Qek 2.80 KB A Concussion Rifle replacement.
Stormtrooper Rifle Marv Mays 8.54 KB Designed to be a 'more realistic and less pretty' stormtrooper rifle.
Sequencer Charger Steven Sherber 15.00 KB Replaces IM mines with sequencer charges from Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2
M-31K Assault Shotgun Chris Landrum 6.22 KB Replaces the Concussion Rifle with a shotgun.
Stouker Assault Rifle (STAR) Steven Sherber 10.28 KB Replaces the repeater with the latest weapon from Stouker, the
The Stay Puft Marshmallow Greg Engel 80.62 KB This is patch replaces several items in Dark Forces to give you the power of
Ion Cannon
TJ13 52.20 KB Although this Assault Cannon replacement is in no way related to the Terminator
Twisted Dark Forces Patch Chris Landrum 324.96 KB Changes some weapons, sounds, and enemies.
Double Bryar Pistol Tommy Manning 28.89 KB Replaces the Fusion Cannon with two Bryar pistols.
Wookie Bowcaster Boris D. 48.05 KB This patch replaces the fusion cutter with a wookie bowcaster.
The Zealot James Milne 27.24 KB An Assault Cannon replacement.