Operation Archangel -
Part 2: Dungeons of Gamorra

By Lionel Fouillen
Inducted August, 2004

Screenshot from Operation Archangel 2
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"Lionel Fouillen completely eclipsed the already enjoyable first level of his series with this masterpiece. Your mission had a simple plot with no hidden agenda: steal a top secret super weapon and use it to free the girl and blast your way out. And how!
The Black Whirlwind still puts a grin on any DF fans face after all this time. Lionel's design of the top secret weapons chamber added suspense and grandiosity to the discovery of the cool hand-cannon. The architecture was all top notch, although the texturing could have used a few different stone textures, and the atmosphere of a stormy night on Gamorrah was chilling. Finishing touches such as a surprise attack by Phase I Dark Troopers made sense, and of course made you glad you did find The Black Whirlwind!"

- Patrick Haslow

Screenshot from Operation Archangel 2
"What we have here is an excellent medely of plot, design, dynamics, and atmosphere. The architecture uses a wonderful mix of imperial and Gammorean structures to form a masterful piece. Little touches abound, like the torches and coats of arms on the castle walls, that enrich the overall feel. And I still have yet to see a third party gun that exceeds the quality of the Black Whirlwind."

- Erik Mambu

Screenshot from Operation Archangel 2
"Ingenious puzzles, great atmosphere and some fantastic architecture all ensure this level leaves a lasting impression. The castle is convincingly built, with the Imperial technology installed carefully to provide a sharp contrast without ever looking out of place. Add to this the bonus of the finest custom weapon ever seen in Dark Forces, and you've got a definite classic."

- Paul Fenney

Screenshot from Operation Archangel 2
"The Black Whirlwind. What else is there to say? Well, how about: beautiful architecture, some of the best atmosphere ever and a great new plot. A classic."

- Geoffrey Simpson

"Textbook creation of an atmosphere."

- Kevin Buscemi