The Dark Tide: Wasteland Survivor

By Patrick Haslow and Matt Hallaron
Inducted October, 2001

Download: (9.3 MB)
Text file: darktide.txt
Review: TACC 95%

"This level rules! It has it all: a rapidly-thickening plot, LEC-quality (and better quality) graphics, incredible cutscenes, custom music, sounds, textures, *pauses for breath* and so much more. Plus, you get to kill Jawas!..."

"... This level had me playing it over and over, even after accomplishing its mission goals. My favorite part is the ending; Dash Rendar's last-minute assistance has completely obliterated the base, giving you your chance to make a daring escape above molten slag, through a hyper-fast airduct, and to the arranged rendevous with the Outrider. A rush the whole way."

- Tom Resnick

"The Dark Tide I: Wasteland Survivor SE. It's just perfect; what else is there to say? Let the stunning architecture, the perfectly drawn textures, and expertly crafted cutscenes do the talking. You just can't get around this one. "

- Geoffrey Simpson