TIE Defender Base

By Paul Nemesh
Inducted August, 2004

Screenshot from Tie Defender Base
Download: defbase.zip (1.7 MB)
Text file: defbase.txt

"...this was the first of the really greats in my opinion. It showed that add-on levels could be as good or better than the original ones. It had new bad guys, new cutscenes, and overall was very well made."

- Matt Hallaron

Screenshot from Tie Defender Base
"This level is living proof that old DF levels don't necssarily mean bad DF levels. This is a level with everything you could ask for: an engaging story, a detailed design, balanced enemies and itms, tons of enhancements (including a new enemy that would make several appearance in other levels), superior lighting, and a wonderful atmosphere. Perhaps the greatest feature of all is the level's vastness. there are many paths to explore and many routes to take that have no outcome on the final goal. They're only there to make the experience that much more enjoyable. Now _that's_ attention to detail."

- Erik Mambu

Screenshot from Tie Defender Base
"Regarded at the time as the best level ever, it still competes. Just superbly done. Standing up in the cliffs seeing the Tie Defenders go by was fantastic."

- Sheldon Friedman

"Whoa..Paul was good!"

- Carlos Gomez