Prelude to Harkov's Defection

By Matthias von Hermann
Inducted February, 2001

Download: (2.5 MB)
Text file: harkov.txt
Review: TACC 95%

From the memorable set-pieces to the fine texturing, no detail is neglected in this artistic masterpiece of a level. A gaming experience that truly immerses the player in a galaxy far, far away...

Shot from Mac version taken by Darth Oosha
"Hoerby REALLY created a revolutionary level. Packed full of nifty effects such as layer-over-layer bridges, platform bridges, trams, exploding floors, unloaded troops, and a flying Crow, Harkov created a visual masterpiece..."

"... On top of that, he made a vibrant community in the level, with talking civilians, flying ships, and wonderful working environments such as a complete sewer mixing facility. This Nar Shadda is FAR superior to the original LucasArts made level."

- Madine

Shot from Mac version taken by Darth Oosha
"The flight in on the Crow was the most amazing thing I've seen in any add-on level ever made. And the level had the best looking bathrooms I've ever seen, complete with urinals, showers, toilets and sinks. There's so much to see in Harkov that you almost don't want to do the mission!"

- DWMarch