Discovery at Ironfort

By Kevin "Scape Goat" Buscemi
Inducted February, 2002

Download: (2.4 MB)
Text file: ironfort.txt
Review: TACC 96%

"A recent level, but without a doubt, this one is an instant winner. For starters, the story behind it is worth reading. The design is wonderful, some of the best I've seen. It's practically brimming with new features, and this level has one of the best endings, period. Throw in detailed lighting, a realistic layout, and challenging puzzles and you will soon see why this level deserves to be ranked among the best DF levels."

- Emambu

"When I first played this level I was in awe the entire way through. The further along I went, the more amazed I was by what I saw. This level has some of the most inventive and memorable special effects I have ever seen in a level. "

- Nathan Wilson

"Tough puzzles, combined with lots of action, excellent architecture, and an amazing new enemy make this level one of the best."

- intjacob