Star's End: The Cloak

By Jereth Kok
Inducted May, 2001

Screenshot from Star's End: The Cloak
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Text file: starsend.txt
Reviews: Crow's Nest 97% Ord Mantell A

"People often overlook this tightly constructed and engaging little gem by Jereth Kok, instead gushing over the somewhat inferior level Assassinate Vader. I remember in his text description, he claimed this was a smaller, less ambitious project than others. Could have fooled me!"

Screenshot from Star's End: The Cloak
"...This level was also jam-packed with tons of Jereth's INF tricks (I consider him the all time king of INF programming). In this mission, he uses them to create an action-filled sequence that involves an escape in a landing smuggler ship, an attack by TIE fighters, and then jettisoning yourself in an escape pod and setting a beacon for jan to find you. Simply exciting!"

- Patrick Haslow

Screenshot from Star's End: The Cloak
"The architecture, texturing, lighting, and enemy placement seem like they're right out of LEC's best, but there are also all sorts of effects of the sort LEC never thought to do (or didn't have the time or opportunity, or didn't think they'd be believable). For example, the whirlpool if you fall into the river, the R2 unit rolling around ambiently, and the ramp onto the smuggler ship..."

Screenshot from Star's End: The Cloak
"...Also, the base's architecture (with the elevator as its hub) has a coherent, 3-D feel to it rarely achieved in LEC's missions...

...I'm surprised I forgot to mention the flight on the smugglers' ship, the wall that takes several detonators to break, and the base blowing up in the distance..."

- Darth Oosha

Screenshot from Star's End: The Cloak
"Two words: cloaked stormtroopers. That's what this level has. The collaborators behind this level took a brillinatly original idea and turned into a reality. Oh yeah, this level has other things too like say... architecture that's incredibly detailed, a base that's so well thought out you could probably draw up blueprints for it, and lighting that greatly adds to the atmosphere. This is a level that should be in the collection of every DF player. "

- Emambu