The DF-21 Dark Forces community is always looking for talented individuals who can help with updating the site, adding new features, and modernizing the user experience.If you have skills in any of these areas below, please contact us in the Discord or email at


Help Needed:


Web Development - Particularly PHP/CSS and experience with modern web frameworks. We want to continue to modernize and make sure that the site stays relevant and accessible. 

UI Artists - DF-21 has a very classic look to it, but we would like to revamp it to something more modern and usable.

2D/3D artists - In addition to modernizing the UI, many of the graphics elements we use could use a modern refresh.

Pixel / Retro artists - New game level components like sprites help flavor the custom levels and are a long standing part of what makes Dark Forces modding so enjoyable.

Texture Artists - Lucasarts did an amazing job of nailing the Star Wars aesthetic, but Dark Force modders are always looking for new textures to transport players to new experiences.

3D Modelers - Creating new ship graphics and objects to liven up the website or introduce new craft to fly around custom missions.

Screenshot takers - Lots of our missions have old screenshots using DOS. Why not spruce them up and take some nice PNG images or even GIFs that show off our missions. Send them to DF-21 staff

Asset Taggers - We need volunteers to help tag our Asset Vault (Ex: a ship, a sky texture, a droid sound etc...). This is incredibly simple and can be done through discord. Please contact DF-21 staff for information.

Expand Wiki. Come check out our wiki and expand it with Dark Forces articles.

Map Conversions - Some of the older maps are not modernized for The Force Engine or the Remaster. We have about 100 more missions we need to update. Please reach out to staff for information.


DF-21 is run by volunteers, so we openly welcome anyone with skill sets that you might feel will help broaden the depth and creativity of the Dark Forces Community.