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The Force Engine - Release Plan

Posted by karjala on 2021-03-22 21:15:58 EST

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Greetings everyone, 


Lucius from The Force Engine has another update for us. 

The Good news is that The Jedi Renderer and INF System have been completely reverse-engineered  !

The Bad (not really!) news is that the INF system doesn't play nice with the Floating-Point renderer.

First of all, the Floating-Point render allows us to play in higher resolutions (4k) than the Fixed-Point that is limited to the game's default size 320x200.

Here is how the game looks in when using modern resolutions. Lets look at Talay!

Scene 3 - 1080p Widescreen

And here is a resolution with a ludicrous ratio of 35:9 from Secret Base. (Yes you may need to scroll to see the whole thing!). 

The INF scripting system, unfortunately, was written with the old Fixed-Point renderer in mind and thus misbehaves at higher resolutions
made available by the Floating-Point renderer. So the solution is to split off any level geometry that is Fixed-Point into its own system...
which will take more time to complete.

But don't worry, the new Release Target is set for April 2021, and time seems to move quickly nowadays and we'll be there before you blink!

Here is the full progress update in terms of completed systems. 

  • Reverse-engineering the original Renderer: 100%
  • Reverse-engineering the INF system: 100%
  • Reverse-engineering the collision system: 80%
  • Reverse-engineering the player controller / player physics: 50%
  • Integrating Jedi Renderer: 100%
  • Integrating INF System into TFE: 90%
  • Integrating player controller / player physics: not started. 0%
  • Refactoring: 10%

Please read all about it here --> TFE Blog