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Fortress Quadrigon Commentary

Posted by karjala on 2021-04-11 22:06:31 EST

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Happy April Everyone!

Update: Following the stream, Fish has revealed he is releasing a NEW Dark Forces map Among The Shadows II - The Lava Planet this Wednesday April 14th. We'll have the download link for as soon as it is available. This is incredibly exciting as this is the first new map uploaded to DF-21.net since 2008! 



Here are some teaser screenshots!


Original News Story: 

DF-21.net is expanding with two new sites! We now have out own Twitch channel where we will be streaming custom maps and tutorials.

Additionally, we will be hosting Dark Forces videos on our new YouTube channel. Expect to have a good database of walkthroughs!


A few days ago, Fish, the author of Among The Shadows Fortress Quadrigon, has sat down with DF-21 community and recorded a commentary on his map. It was a blast to hear him talk about the planning that went into making that masterpiece! You can check the video below and download the original map Here .

I hope you enjoy the commentary! It was fun. We will be doing more of them with various authors.