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Dark Forces Launcher

Posted by karjala on 2022-02-12 19:00:35 EST

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Dark Forces Launcher


The Custom Mission Launcher is ready for release! This tool combines multiple features useful to the Dark Forces Community and will make it a million times easier to play custom missions! 




  • Run Dark Forces base game as well as custom community-made missions
  • Automatically update new missions as they are added to DF-21
  • Support for the Modern Mouselook mod (available Here )
  • Support for modern storefronts such as Steam, GOG, Origin as well as User-specified Custom Folder
  • Support for multiple resolutions and aspect ratios (Useful for streaming)
  • Video Walkthrough guides for the base game and custom missions
  • Ability to restore DosBox settings (All storefronts) and game installs (Steam only).


The launcher is developed and hosted by DF-21.net and you can download it Here


You can read the instructions on our Steam Guide or you can watch the instructional video below. Thank you to PrincessRuri for providing the audio!


But suffice to say you download the zip, extract it, then Right Click on it and choose Run With PowerShell 

And if you get prompted about the Execution Policy simply choose [Y]es




The Main Menu appears like this, you can easily press a letter on your keyboard to choose various options.


But suffice to say, what you really want is to play custom missions so press letter C !

Here you can switch pages with or or simply type a number to start playing a mission! 

To start, we support 50 missions you can find in the Modern Mission Archive . New missions will automatically download for you to enjoy as they become available. 

Go ahead - give Dark Tide 1 a shot! 



This is the initial release so you are bound to have issues! Please post any problems in the #support channel of our Discord


Enjoy Everyone!