Beyond Glory 2 - In Dying Light
Complete Walkthrough

By ShadowCell

| 21-40

This is a walkthrough for the sequel to Kevin Buscemi's Mailoc-infested level Beyond Glory. In that level you infiltrated the factory of the demented Imperial scientist Senj Thirtrae to destroy his pet project the SunKiller Platform. In Beyond Glory 2, you get the fun task of doing it all over again, because Senj has moved from Lentii to an old pre-Republic palace where's building another SunKiller Platform. Since Senj is an awfully persistent little bugger, you have to kill him in addition to destroying his reborn SunKiller Platform. But you don't have to do it alone—you get the help of the ground unit Cascade 1 and the overhead Blue Squadron to help. But that makes it no easier. You have to go shut down two garden generators to lower a force field that protects the factory. Then you have to lower the interior generator so Cascade 1 can storm the lab. You must then meet with Senj's chief of security, Rant, who wishes to defect, and lastly, you must find Senj, kill him, and make your escape to a landing pad. Sound fun? Of course it does. Let's get started.

For the purposes of this walkthrough, prior events and locations will be referred to as numbers. For example, if the walkthrough instructs you to backtrack to 23, you must backtrack to the spot that was assigned the number 23.

1. Start

You begin your mission in a heap of ruins outside the factory. Jan hopes no one is expecting you. You better start hoping too. As Jan banks away, make a right and run through the water, and duck under the broken doors until you reach a familiar sterile environment.

2. Cargo Bay

Three of Senj's guards await you in here. Drop them, take the blaster rifle, and take the auto gun and power cells in the corner. Then bring the lift down, and ride it up.

3. Courtyard

Several baddies, including a Gran with Thermal Detonators, await you here. Drop them, get the grenades, and head down the stone staircase. Of course, you are blasting whatever dares stand against you as you go.

4. Crossroad

This is an important area to remember as you traipse around outside the factory. This spot branches out in two directions. Empty it of life and take the right-hand staircase. You'll be back to investigate the left-hand staircase, but you have some errands to run on the right.

5. Lift

Head up this lift to a firefight. Two Grans behind a fence throw detonators at you. Blast them through the fence. Then head through the opening to the left of the fence. You have a key to get.

6. Fusion Cutter

Before you go any further into this ruined garden, curve around the wall to find a fusion cutter tucked away neatly. Take it and head out into the garden, then into the adjacent garden. Stand on the small metal block and flip the switch. Whee! You're going down!

7. The Red Key

Follow these mined-out tunnels to their end and blast the guard. Open the door and eradicate the life forms behind it. Then flip the switch to the right of the door and grab the Red Key. Excellent—you'll be needing this. Backtrack to the lift at 5, but don't go down it.

8. Stone Path

For lack of a better term, we'll call this the Stone Path. From the lift at 5, take the path to the right. Continue on to its end—you'll investigate the first right-hand turn soon enough—and head through the wooden arch. Head down the stairs.

9. Force Field

This is the force field that blocks your way into Senj's factory. Eradicate the bad guys in this area and return to the first right-hand turn you saw on your way to 8.

10. The Water Pool

Clear this water garden of enemies, then take the left-hand opening and clear the grassy courtyard of bad guys too. It's a tough firefight, as there's little cover to duck behind, but your reward is that big white door. Head on through.

11. Storage Room

Beyond the white door is a white-walled storage room with a Rodian, a Gran, and two black-armored troopers. Dispose of them, and hop on top of the crates to get the mortar gun if you're so inclined. Head through the door the two armored troopers were guarding.

12. Mini Force Field Room

Follow the stairs and corridors down to a room with moving machinery and several small force fields. It's a maze with a handful of enemies waiting for you, but your reward in the well-lit room is a switch. Flip it and be prepared to blast two guards when the elevator comes to a stop. You're on your way to objective one!

13. Primary Generator

Take the elevator down to the primary generator. Eliminate the bad guys and take the lift up to the upper walkway, where you can flip that X-shaped switch. That shuts off the primary generator. Objective 1 complete! Backtrack all the way to 4, because you're done on this side...for now.

14. The Left-Hand Side

From 4, take the left-hand staircase this time—see, I told you we were going to investigate it. An opening on the right leads to some health should you need it. Head up the stairs, blasting bad guys as you go.

15. The Other Side

Remember blasting those Gran through the fence at 5? Now you're on the side they were on. Collect the detonators and head along the path, but be sure to stop at the rocky pillar in the wall. Hit spacebar to bring it down and flip the switch. It opens up a small store of meager powerups you may need. Now get ready for a firefight.

16. Auxiliary Generator Pool

Clear out the baddies in this small courtyard with the water pool. Collect the powerups behind the fence, and return to the switch near the pool. Notice how when you flip it, nothing happens. Time to fix that. Head into the small corridor across from the switch.

17. Red Key Door

We went to the right first back at 4 for a reason—to get the Red Key that opens this door. Head inside, into the room with a strange piece of machinery in a water pool. Flip the switch on the right first to open the door—hey, it's the grassy courtyard from 10! Then flip the X-shaped switch, and head back to the switch at 16. Get ready for a test in speed.

18. Flooding the Generator

When you return to 16, you'll find that the water pool has been drained. When you flip the switch at 16, the metal cap in the center lowers into a red-lit pit. Interesting. Wait for the cap to come back up, then get your running shoes on. Throw the switch, then sprint down to 17 and flip the X-shaped switch. Hurry, because you need to do this while the cap is still lowered! If you pull it off, you will have flooded the auxilliary generator. Good job! Now head through the door that leads to 10 and backtrack to 4.

19. Entering the Factory

Return to 9—that's the main force field you just lowered—and pass through triumphantly. Head up to the door at the top of the steps and make a right, then another right at the first opportunity. Blast some bad guys, including a tough Trandoshan—although you can't reach his Concussion Rifle—and take the Yellow Key from among the corpses. You'll need it.

20. Unmovable Door

Return to the first door at 19 and head left this time, then left again. You reach a door, but it won't open...not from here, anyways. Throw all the thermal detonators you want at it, but we're going to find a more fun way to open it. Head around to the door opposite the first one at 19. Time for a fun little secret.

Steps 21-40 are this way...