Beyond Glory 2 - Complete Walkthrough
By ShadowCell

1-20 | 21-40

21. The Secret Life

Clear this room of bad guy life and then shoot the flashing symbol on the wall. It stops flashing. Go outside, and find that a previously-unseen shelf has appeared containing twenty power cells. But more importantly, it's also got an extra life! Grab the goods and amble on to the second right-hand turn at 19.

22. The Secret Lift

Kill the enemies here and then find the raised walkway from this bar area to a different ledge. Cross over to that ledge and find an X-shaped switch. This switch becomes important later on, but you have something else to do first. Leave it alone and head back towards the central bar area, but drop off the walkway on the left side first. Then head for the small niche in the corner. Aha! It's a lift! Ride it down.

23. Control Room

Head down the corridor to the apparent dead-end...but this is a lift too! It raises you into a fight, so be ready. Once all is quiet, find an X-shaped switch and flip it. Now your errand is complete, so get ready for a tough-timed test of speed and skill. Head back down the lift and return to the X-shaped switch at 22. Use the lift in the corner of the lower alley below the central bar to reach the central bar at 22 so you can cross over to the X-shaped switch.

24. The Switch

This is a tough puzzle, just like flooding the auxiliary generator. Your job is to flip this switch and then hustle down to 20 to duck through the door while you still have time. Kyle be nimble, Kyle be quick, because this door isn't staying open very long. If you can do this the first time, you have my eternal respect. If you can't, well, welcome to the club.

25. The Shooting Puzzle

Once you get past 24, you have to shoot the switch you revealed at 23 and duck through the door to your right before it closes. If you don't, you'll have to repeat 24 all over again. Once you get past this door, shoot the switch through the next window to get through the next door.

26. Past the Puzzle

Get through 25 and your reward is a big red-carpeted hallway with several bad guys inside. Your fight with them will get the attention of a pair of Trandoshans, but the plus side is once they die you get the concussion rifle! Gobble up the goodies and head through the left-hand door.

27. Path to the Generator

Enter this apparent dead-end and flip the switch. Down you go. Blast the bad guys in the next room and ignore that corner with the switch for now. Instead, head through the big opening until you reach the Interior Generator. Press the button to shut it down, then backtrack to the corner with the switch. Step in and flip the switch. Ride the lift down, blast the snipers above you, and relish the sounds of Cascade 1 securing the lab.

28. The Lab

Head through the next two rooms into the lab. You can get some powerups here, but your main objective is the gray column with the striped red lights. It's a lift. Ride it up to the overhead walkway to meet Rant, and get ready to confront Senj himself.

29. The Path to Senj

After Senj's fighting words, Rant's door opens. Head to the corner with the gray wall. It's an elevator. Ride it up. The door on the left in the next hallway has no use, so take the right-hand door. Head down the staircase and through the small tunnel. Take the first right-hand turn and get ready to confront Senj again.

30. Paying for the Crimes

Senj tells you to come pay for your crimes. Take the left-hand door that opens, and get ready for a wild fight. Use the pillars for cover and make good use of your Concussion Rifle. One of the bad guys drops the Blue Key. Head through the small blue and red door and follow the corridor to its inevitable end.

31. The Exhibit

Pass through Senj's chamber, then down to a room I call the Exhibit. It's basically four cells with four exoctic species of creatures in them. Two Trandoshans lurk among the bad guys in here. Head through the opening and go left. The door closes, and the one on the right opens! Head through this one instead.

32. A Bad Vision

Take a look through the window to your left. Holy smoke! Two Kell Dragons are itching to rip you apart! Start dredging up some healthy fear, because you have to face these monsters, and soon. Head through the door straight ahead. Time for another extra life before you fight the Kells.

33. Crusher

Head around the corner into a room with three switches. Flip all three, and return to the room where a crusher moves over an extra life. Time your jump so you can get the life without getting squished. Then return to the left-hand door at 31.

34. Kell Hell

Defeat the Kells by staying out of their reach, and use the Concussion Rifle. Then head through the only open door and head up the stairs, up the elevator. Blast the troops on an overlooking balcony and a small courtyard, and open the three-piece door. You can hang a curve around the circular structure to find a door to a mortar gun, but up the stairs and through the door is your objective.

35. Senj's Escape

Head to the room with the windows to find a shuttle. Senj mocks you and the shuttle takes off, and surface cannons begin firing. Uh oh! Senj is getting away! You need to stop those cannons! A door opens. Blast the guards behind it. The next door doesn't open, so hop off to the right and jump down to the water below. Then leap into a broken lift, out into a small room, and into another lift. Take this second lift up.

36. The Batteries

Blue Squadron needs you to do "something" about those batteries. So flip the switch in this small anteroom, head through the doors, and out into the battery rooms. Blast the bad guys in between shots from the batteries, and find the door out. The next door is locked, so shoot the switch on the platform across the way.

37. The Secret Switch

Hmm, another locked door. Press the button at the bottom of the stairs. The stairs lower to reveal a secret passage. Step out onto the walkways and find the switch for the aforementioned locked doors. Then raise the steps back up and head through the door.

38. Last Battery

The locked door leads you into the last battery room left. If you take the left hand elevator at the central battery shaft, you can score some health, but the critical path lies on the right. On the right, flip the switch to open the door.

39. Battery Control Room

This is the control room for the batteries. Empty it of all life and find the room with five X-shaped switches. Flip them all to shut off the batteries, and Blue Squadron will shoot down Senj. Good job Kyle. Now hightail it to the lift that opens up and take it up.

40. The Final Leg

A few guards hang out to the left. Kill them. The door at the end of the corridor on the left doesn't work, so door number two must. Conveniently enough, it leads right to the landing pad you must reach. Mission accomplished!