Back Condition Red

Released near the end of the so-called Golden Age of Dark Forces (late 1997) this level was an instant classic. Two great minds, Jereth Kok and Peter Klassen, collaborated on their final project, a slam-bang action movie version of a Dark Forces level. This level created an unrelenting pace, and so much yummy eye candy!

To my knowledge, there has never been (and probably never will be) as many VUE animations as in this level. At times you wanted to watch the battle outside, but no! The stations defenses were not going to activate themselves! The great part of all the VUEs were that they were all there to hammer it home to the player that they were in some serious, SERIOUS trouble, and that things were only getting worse. Expertly crafted cutscenes by Peter Klassen completed this thrilling project.

This level, like Mt. Kurek, set new standards in terms of just what can be achieved in the DF world. Condition Red had a lot of excellent new features like the running rebel troops, the flashing red alarm, and of course the space battle the results in a huge hold being torn in the side of the base and Kyle being sucked out into space.
- Barry Brien
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