Back Coruscant - The Imperial Capital

The Empire is spreading its vast fleet throughout the galaxy in an effort to locate and destroy the Rebel Alliance. Several Imperial task forces have come dangerously close to locating the main strongholds of the Rebellion. The only hope to aviod destruction unitl new alliances can be forged is to obtain the Imperial Fleet deployment plans. These encoded plans are located in the Imperial Military headquarters Building in Coruscant City. Unfortunately, the Emperor has little trust in his conventional military leaders. Only the I.S.O, the Imperial Security Agency that is personally loyal to Palpatine has the decoding equipment necessary to view the plans.

You, Kyle Katarn, will be dropped off on the edge of the city. Work your way through the Imperial-infested capital to the Military Headquarters building and steal the NAVA CARD with the encoded plans. Continue to the I.S.O BUILDING-a virtual fortress. Breach the security rings and get to the top of the tower where the decoding equipment is located.Decode the NAVA CARD onto a magnetic DATATAPE and get the tape and yourself to the base of the tower for pickup by Jan.
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