Back DF96: The Ties That Bind

  • Name
    DF96: The Ties That Bind
  • Author
    Jason Burton, Rick Schmidt, Rich Snodgrass, Jason Terhune
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A six level continuing mission. DF96: The Ties That Bind starts Kyle Katarn, being in semi-retirement, hanging out on Ord Mantell. His wife and son, Jan and Dack, are on Hoth helping the Republic set up a mining colony for Talisite. Talisite is widely known for its industrial uses. Little do Kyle and Jan know that a new leader has been established in the core worlds. This leader is in search of the Talisite to use on the new World Devastators and also in search of something else on Hoth. The Empire sends out troops to keep Kyle occupied while they attack Hoth.
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