Back Critak Moon: The Imperial Outpost

Immediately before his capture and transportation to Orinackra, Crix Madine inscribed information to a computer card. The data contained technical statistics about the Dark Troopers' weapons and attack strategies. This information is vital to the Alliance, because it shows the weaknesses and strengths of the Dark Troopers and will help our fighters immensely in first-person combat with these machines. You retrieved the card from Madine at a secret meeting. However, the Imperials, suspicious of the secretive activities of Madine, raided the remote base where you met with Madine. While he was taken to the high-security Detention Center on the planet Orinackra, you and Jan were taken to the Imperial Outpost on Critak Moon, in the Delari System. This remote moon is controlled by the outpost, which, while not high security, is a powerful computing station. Your objectives are as follows: Once you break out of your cell, using a mine that your dead cell guard has so thought- fully provided, you must take the card from the decoding lab before it is hacked, for its use would be lost if the Imperials find out how much we know about the Dark Trooper. Then you must rescue Jan from her cell, after finding the controls to shut off the power cell door locks. Finally you must get to the hangar, where your ship awaits for your escape. Good luck, and may the Force be with you.
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