Back Discovery at Ironfort

Ironfort, an aging mining colony in a backwater star system, has never been of much strategic interest to either the Empire nor the Rebel Alliance. Circumstances have changed, however. Deep beneath the surface, an ancient, and technologically advanced, alien installation has been discovered intact. In more peaceful times, this find would be considered priceless for its historical value. Sadly, this is a time for war, not archeology.

Upon hearing of the discovery, Imperial forces have taken control of Ironfort and, more importantly, the mines in which the structure is located. So far, they have been unable to gain access to the installation's lower level due to an usually powerful containment field. It is unknown what treasures or weaponry are stored within, but the Alliance can not afford to allow anything of value to fall into Imperial hands. Your mission is to find a way past the field, discover what is held there, and destroy the building. An explosive charge planted on two plasma conversion computers will get the job done. Some important questions are waiting to be answered, though. Why would a forgotten alien race bury such a building deep underground? More intriguingly; why would they want to keepanyone from entering the lower level?
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