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Among The Shadows II: The Lava Planet 4Rated 4 Death Stars Oton (fish) Ribic Kyle Katarn is hired to search the mysterious cargo of a wrecked Imperial freighter on a remote and inhospitable volcanic planet. But reaching the destination system inconspicuously with the Moldy Crow is impossible, and Katarn will first need to head to Nar Shaddaa to find a smuggler whose ship will hopefully be ignored by the dangerous Imperial patrols...
Among the Shadows: Fortress Quadrigon 4Rated 4 Death Stars Oton (fish) Ribic A recent level, but without a doubt, this one is an instant winner. For starters, the story behind it is worth reading. The design is wonderful, some of the best I've seen. It's practically brimming with new features, and this level has one of the best endings, period. Throw in detailed lighting, a realistic layout, and challenging puzzles and you will soon see why this level deserves to be ranked among the best DF levels.
Assassinate Darth Vader 5Rated 5 Death Stars Jereth Kok A level set inside a Victory Star Destroyer where you must find and assassinate Darth Vader before planting a sequencer charge, then escape.
Assasssination on Nar Shaddaa - Boba Fett Episode I 5Rated 5 Death Stars Barry Brien It's a massive level, with some of the most consistently detailed and complex architecture ever attempted in a DF level. The new weapon kicks ass, and the many new custom components look fabulous. It poses a huge challenge too, mainly because of the ingenious shop system: you don't find items lying around, but you have to buy them. This forces you to be careful about what you buy, as once you go beyond certain areas you won't have access to the shops for some time. It's huge, detailed, and in many ways revolutionary. Effects that were huge in other levels have been used as minor details (like the ladder). This deserves to be in the HoF, if only for the obvious care for detail that has gone into it.
- Geoffrey Simpson
Assault Fortress Dantooine 5Rated 5 Death Stars David Ralph,David Lovejoy Some time ago Fortress Dantooine had to be evacuated after a crushing Imperial attack. Fortunately we got most of the people out. How ever we had to leave behind some things that were too valuable to take out at the time. The empire has built a new facility next to the ruins of the fortress. Some rebel spies still hiding out at the ruins have located the data for the newest Battle Moon the empire is planning to construct. Smaller than a Death Star but non the less deadly to have on the loose. Although this Battle Moon has no super laser like a Death Star. It is protected by a powerful computer network which controls all aspects of defense, both externally and internally. We need to analyze the data to find a way to breach the computer security.
Asteroid 5Rated 5 Death Stars Eric Pauker We have just discovered an asteroid entering the Korrar system. Normally this would not be of any concern to us, but our probes have recorded Imperial supply ships and TIE fighters near the asteroid and some man-made structures on the surface.

I have arranged for one of our operatives to smuggle you aboard a small cargo ship that delivers supplies to the asteroid. You will be hidden in the cargo hold until the ship docks. We do know there is a large fuel dump somewhere on the asteroid. Destroying the dump should help create enough confusion to help us with our surprise attack. Good luck Kyle
Back to Yavin 5Rated 5 Death Stars Peter Klassen After the Battle of Yavin, the Rebels have been driven away from their base and pursued across the galaxy. The fleet has been split and a part of the Rebels built a new base on the ice planet Hoth. However, during the evacuation General Jan Dodonna has constructed a data tape containing the space charts of all the future Rebel Fleet locations. Every main ship commander got only his own destination coordinates. There has been only one copy made for the assistant of Dodonna, Whix Gardine. But Whix has been missed the last possibility of escape and has been seized by the Imperial Forces. However, he managed to hide the tape somewhere on the base. As the Empire seems to build an own base on Yavin, the Alliance cannot afford the possibility of discovery of the tape to exist. As they also cannot afford to draw attention, they hire Kyle Katarn, a mercenary who helped to get the technical readouts of the Death Star.
Betrayed 4Rated 4 Death Stars John Johnson Lieutenant Commander Brit Dannon has just been given a new assignment on the Moonbase, a relatively insignificant Republic Supply and Transfer Station some distance from the Imperial Border. The station itself holds little tactical advantage, and is not considered a primary target fot Imperial attack. It is staffed by about 300 personnel and droids at all times. The station is well known to anyone who cares to know of it, though most Republic personnel still know little of its existance beyond their own personal contact with the facility. Rumors abound that the Empire has some interest in the base, but you can't help but wonder what interest would the Moonbase have for anyone. The answers lie ahead.
Beyond Glory 5Rated 5 Death Stars Kevin Buscemi Kyle Katarn must aid in the destruction of yet another Imperial super-weapon. The madman who designed it, however, has no intention of letting his prized creation be eliminated.
Beyond Glory 2: In Dying Light 5Rated 5 Death Stars Kevin Buscemi The assault on the SunKiller platform was a complete success. Minutes after you lowered the energy shield, Alliance fighters moved in, damaging the platform beyond repair. The Emperor, needless to say, was not pleased. He summoned Senj Thirtrae who survived the attack despite substantial damage to the Lentii base) to Imperial City for a face-to-face meeting. Rebel spies have determined that after a mild scolding for his funneling of resources, Thirtrae was reassigned to a new post: a high-security construction facility. They are going to rebuild the SunKiller, and destroying a second one will not be nearly as easy as the first. Now Katarn must take part in a complex operation at Thirtrae's mercenary-guarded estate; the ultimate goal being the elimination of the madman himself.
Boba Fett's Revenge 5Rated 5 Death Stars Randy Greene Kyle is ambushed by Boba Fett and is captured by Magra, a local Hutt crime lord. Kyle must escape from his imprisonment by the Hutts and take down Boba Fett.
Cloudspear: Part I - The Ghosts of Takyr 5Rated 5 Death Stars Kevin Buscemi Pirates from the planet Takyr have been getting more and more aggresively lately. They've already hit a number of our supply convoys and it's going to get worse with time. Some local crime boss is getting a bit too ambitious for our liking. The New Republic would love take him out, but nobody seems to know where to find him. I do have one lead, that he hides at a place called Cloudspear, but it's not going to be easy looking into it.

Some of my sources are convinced that Cloudspear is somehow connected to the Othket Corporation. Othket headquarters is somewhere in the ruins of Deppen City. If Cloudspear exists, I'll find some information on it in the company record archive. The complex is crawling with pirate and mercenearies, I'd rather not stick around any longer than I have to...
Condition Red 5Rated 5 Death Stars Peter Klassen, Jereth Kok, Steve Miller Released near the end of the so-called Golden Age of Dark Forces (late 1997) this level was an instant classic. Two great minds, Jereth Kok and Peter Klassen, collaborated on their final project, a slam-bang action movie version of a Dark Forces level. This level created an unrelenting pace, and so much yummy eye candy!

To my knowledge, there has never been (and probably never will be) as many VUE animations as in this level. At times you wanted to watch the battle outside, but no! The stations defenses were not going to activate themselves! The great part of all the VUEs were that they were all there to hammer it home to the player that they were in some serious, SERIOUS trouble, and that things were only getting worse. Expertly crafted cutscenes by Peter Klassen completed this thrilling project.

This level, like Mt. Kurek, set new standards in terms of just what can be achieved in the DF world. Condition Red had a lot of excellent new features like the running rebel troops, the flashing red alarm, and of course the space battle the results in a huge hold being torn in the side of the base and Kyle being sucked out into space.
- Barry Brien
Coober Revisited 4Rated 4 Death Stars Fish (Oton Ribic) Kyle realizes that the Coober incident was caused by the Empires spacetime distortion experiments
Coruscant - The Imperial Capital 4Rated 4 Death Stars Ryan Bickhart The Empire is spreading its vast fleet throughout the galaxy in an effort to locate and destroy the Rebel Alliance. Several Imperial task forces have come dangerously close to locating the main strongholds of the Rebellion. The only hope to aviod destruction unitl new alliances can be forged is to obtain the Imperial Fleet deployment plans. These encoded plans are located in the Imperial Military headquarters Building in Coruscant City. Unfortunately, the Emperor has little trust in his conventional military leaders. Only the I.S.O, the Imperial Security Agency that is personally loyal to Palpatine has the decoding equipment necessary to view the plans.

You, Kyle Katarn, will be dropped off on the edge of the city. Work your way through the Imperial-infested capital to the Military Headquarters building and steal the NAVA CARD with the encoded plans. Continue to the I.S.O BUILDING-a virtual fortress. Breach the security rings and get to the top of the tower where the decoding equipment is located.Decode the NAVA CARD onto a magnetic DATATAPE and get the tape and yourself to the base of the tower for pickup by Jan.
Critak Moon: The Imperial Outpost 4Rated 4 Death Stars Llyren Adwyr Immediately before his capture and transportation to Orinackra, Crix Madine inscribed information to a computer card. The data contained technical statistics about the Dark Troopers' weapons and attack strategies. This information is vital to the Alliance, because it shows the weaknesses and strengths of the Dark Troopers and will help our fighters immensely in first-person combat with these machines. You retrieved the card from Madine at a secret meeting. However, the Imperials, suspicious of the secretive activities of Madine, raided the remote base where you met with Madine. While he was taken to the high-security Detention Center on the planet Orinackra, you and Jan were taken to the Imperial Outpost on Critak Moon, in the Delari System. This remote moon is controlled by the outpost, which, while not high security, is a powerful computing station. Your objectives are as follows: Once you break out of your cell, using a mine that your dead cell guard has so thought- fully provided, you must take the card from the decoding lab before it is hacked, for its use would be lost if the Imperials find out how much we know about the Dark Trooper. Then you must rescue Jan from her cell, after finding the controls to shut off the power cell door locks. Finally you must get to the hangar, where your ship awaits for your escape. Good luck, and may the Force be with you.
DF96: The Ties That Bind 4Rated 4 Death Stars Jason Burton, Rick Schmidt, Rich Snodgrass, Jason Terhune A six level continuing mission. DF96: The Ties That Bind starts Kyle Katarn, being in semi-retirement, hanging out on Ord Mantell. His wife and son, Jan and Dack, are on Hoth helping the Republic set up a mining colony for Talisite. Talisite is widely known for its industrial uses. Little do Kyle and Jan know that a new leader has been established in the core worlds. This leader is in search of the Talisite to use on the new World Devastators and also in search of something else on Hoth. The Empire sends out troops to keep Kyle occupied while they attack Hoth.
Dark Siege 4Rated 4 Death Stars TJ13 This giant GOB contains all my Dark Siege levels put together, plus newly recorded music for each level composed by myself, and a new loading screen! Enjoy!
Dark Tide : Episode I - Wasteland Survivor 5Rated 5 Death Stars Patrick Haslow,Matt Hallaron It is a time of great peril for Luke Skywalker. As he travels to Tatooine to rescue Han Solo, the Rebellion learns of a mysterious plot against him. In an effort to save Luke from the danger that awaits him, Princess Leia has dispatched the mercenary Kyle Katarn on an urgent mission of warning. Katarn and his mission officer Jan Ors have arrived in the Tatooine star system only to find themselves ensnared in a vicious space battle against Imperial forces from which there is little hope of escape....
Dark Tide: Episode III - Eye of the Empire 4Rated 4 Death Stars Patrick Haslow,Matt Hallaron After attempting to free his partner Jan Ors from the wily and corrupt Prefect Talmont, Kyle Katarn was captured by the Imperial forces of the Tatooine Garrison. Katarn discovered that the sinister Prince Xizor had nearly complete control over the garrison, but his motives for capturing Jan remain a mystery. Being held captive on board the Imperial Shuttle Phormaishue, Katarn's plans to liberate his friend face a grim ending....
Dark Tide: Episode II – Nightfall 5Rated 5 Death Stars Patrick Haslow,Matt Hallaron The Dark Tide is an intended pentalogy of five episodes. In Episode I, Kyle Katarn and Jan Ors crash landed in the Jundland Wastelands of Taooine. While Kyle was rescued by Dash Rendar, Jan was ambushed and captured by the Empire. The second episode begins with Kyle Katarn rushing to the aid his friend. With his trusty bryar pistol and the Mark IV Goob Gun, Kyle must penetrate Tatooine's Imperial Garrison, and face a wily and corrupt officer.
Dark Tide: Episode IV - Empire 5Rated 5 Death Stars Barry Brien,Matt Hallaron,Patrick Haslow It is a time of great danger for Kyle Katarn. Having just escaped the INVISOR he makes his way into the heart of the Empire. His friend and co-pilot Jan Ors has been taken to a secret location somewhere in the Imperial Capitol. In order to find her Kyle must evade the legions of imperial forces and locate the shady information dealer TELL TRESSING. But little does Kyle know that another, more sinister element is about to make it's presence felt...
Desalinization Plant 4Rated 4 Death Stars T. Stallings It is well-known that Imperial environmental policy leaves a lot to be desired. Nowhere is this more evident than on the supply moons of Coruscant. A hit on the desalinization plant there will not only cripple Imperial toilets for a (too brief) period, but it will also strike a blow for environmental protection, a strong recruitment tool. The plant is well-guarded, but there are alternatives to fighting
Destroy Imperial Supply Depot 4Rated 4 Death Stars Karl Felgate Kyle must infiltrate an imperial supply depot and set a sequencer charge to blow the whole facility up.
Discovery at Ironfort 5Rated 5 Death Stars Kevin Buscemi Ironfort, an aging mining colony in a backwater star system, has never been of much strategic interest to either the Empire nor the Rebel Alliance. Circumstances have changed, however. Deep beneath the surface, an ancient, and technologically advanced, alien installation has been discovered intact. In more peaceful times, this find would be considered priceless for its historical value. Sadly, this is a time for war, not archeology.

Upon hearing of the discovery, Imperial forces have taken control of Ironfort and, more importantly, the mines in which the structure is located. So far, they have been unable to gain access to the installation's lower level due to an usually powerful containment field. It is unknown what treasures or weaponry are stored within, but the Alliance can not afford to allow anything of value to fall into Imperial hands. Your mission is to find a way past the field, discover what is held there, and destroy the building. An explosive charge planted on two plasma conversion computers will get the job done. Some important questions are waiting to be answered, though. Why would a forgotten alien race bury such a building deep underground? More intriguingly; why would they want to keepanyone from entering the lower level?
Energy 4Rated 4 Death Stars Ken Swope & Ron Swope Kyle goes on a mission to destroy power plant using new source of energy..
Future Present 4Rated 4 Death Stars Rick Horack You are sent to the fourth moon of Yavin to see what the Empire is doing there. Collect a sample of what they find so important. You'll be droped off near the entrance to one of the old massassi temples, our informants tell us that this is the safest way to approach them. There is an old mine under the temple that they are in. We think they've found some new metal that is impervious to blaster fire, at least that's what our enformants say. Be prepared for anything, and may the force be with you.
Future Present - Part 2 4Rated 4 Death Stars Rick Horack Your mision, should you decide to except it, is to go to Coruscant to contact a slicer by the name of Gant. He says he knows the location of Tyco Daralyn, your "old friend". We have also heard that Gant may have be taken captive by the Imperials. If this is true, you must break him out! The prison force fields need to be turned off for you to enter there. Once inside, get Gant out of the detention center, and escape to the top of the prison where I'll pick you up. If you are caught or killed, the New Republic will disavow any knowledge of your actions, sell all your valuables and try on all your cloths. Have a nice day!
Ice World 4Rated 4 Death Stars Tim Smulders The location of the Emperor's Spynet headquarters has been found! A small, well protected base on the ice world Tunoteee houses the heart of the network. The Alliance Will attack! The goal is to completely destroy the base. The air and surface attack will commence immediately! The base is protected by a powerful deflector shield. We need this shield down! The shield as well as the base are powered by thermal energy locked deep under the ice and rock. If you can place a sequencer charge in the main control room power relay, the explosion will trigger a chain reaction and blow up the turbines, taking the shield and part of the base with them.
Imperial Academy 4Rated 4 Death Stars Agustin Leon One year after Kyle destroyed the Arc Hammer, the Rebel Alliance gets a report that one of the facilities of the Imperial Academy is being left relatively unprotected. Since this place happens to be where Kyle was trained, he decides to destroy the facility without consulting with the Rebel High Command. Ignoring Jan's warnings that this is an obvious trap for the Rebellion's new agent, Kyle prepares to enter the complex withou the notion that the trap is set...
Lahara Hotel 5Rated 5 Death Stars Michael Messer Foreign diplomats sympathetic to the Rebel cause have been taken hostage at the Lahara hotel by Imperial troops. As Kyle, you are assigned to infiltrate the hotel and rescue the hostages.
Mines 5Rated 5 Death Stars Ari G An epic adventure in the bandit mines on planet Senim. Kyle must battle hordes of mysterious assassins and kill the bandit leader Gira who is holding the entire galaxy hostage.
Mines Redux 5Rated 5 Death Stars Fish (Oton Ribic) My entry for the DF-21 Mines mapmaking contest
Mt. Kurek 5Rated 5 Death Stars Jeff Walters Mt. Kurek was the great divide in DF editing. There was before Kurek, and after Kurek. Kurek was the death of the common level. People couldn't get by with just throwing together an 'infiltrate and destroy/rescue/capture' level anymore. Every level needed something special to get noticed. Kurek raised the bar.
- Void ZoSo
Operation Archangel (Multipack) 5Rated 5 Death Stars Lionel Fouillen This multipack release contains the following missions: "Mos Eisley: The Maze" (1996), "Dungeons of Gamorra" (1997), and a demo version of "The Storming of Anterak City" (1998-2000). After defeating the Empire's Death Star and Arc Hammer, the Rebel Alliance has grown throughout the galaxy. Determined to eradicate the Rebellion, the evil Emperor has ordered the development of a powerful new weapon to rearm his troops. Little does he know that Rebel spies have located a fugitive scientist who knows the secret Imperial plans...
Prelude to Harkov Defection 5Rated 5 Death Stars Matthias von Herrmann Imperial Admiral Harkov wishes to defect to the Rebel Alliance. Obviously we expect a trap, but if his wishes are true it would be a significant boost to our efforts. Admiral Harkov possesses a large amount of information on the Imperial navy. As a testament to his good faith, he will give us tapes on his defection plans. They are located on Nar Shaddaa, the vertical city. As you know the Imperials control a sector of this city, and Harkov is in charge of a section of said sector. The tapes are there with one of Harkov's captains, Captain Convegade. We will drop you off in one of the neutral sectors of Nar Shaddaa. Work your way into the Imperial sector, and get to Captain Convegade as well as those tapes. I'll meet you on the roof. Harkov has instructed his men not to fire on you, but be careful as not all the Imperials serve under Harkov. Also Lord Vader, apparently annoyed by your escape at Outpost D-42, has hired bounty hunters to look for you. Watch out for them as you make your way through the neutral sectors
Return to Bespin: Reclaiming Cloud City 5Rated 5 Death Stars Jason Burton, Carlos Gomez, Richard Gold, Richard Snodgrass, Arthur Sharp Sent to rescue Madine and Capture the fugitive Moff Rebus, Kyle and Jan make their way to the now Imperial and smuggler-held city in the clouds. Just as the Empire prepares Madine for Carbon-Freeze...
TIE Defender Base Collector's Edition 5Rated 5 Death Stars Paul Nemesh Rebel spies have located the base where research and development is being done on the Empire's newest starfighter, the TIE Defender. This development effort is being led by Admiral Thrawn, who is reporting directly to the Emperor. Initial analysis indicates that this new weapon can outrun and outgun any starfighter in the Rebel arsenal. The Rebel Alliance needs more data on this craft and we need to shut down its testing facility. This is where you come in, Kyle...
The Bounty Hunt Special Edition 5Rated 5 Death Stars Peter Klassen Kyle Katarn has got a highly dubious task from Jabba The Hutt. He (Jabba) has managed to trap Han Solo on 'Vanguard', a smuggler transit station near Ord Mantell. So he connected all the important bounty hunters (and the mercenary Kyle Katarn). Katarn, who got no new jobs from the Rebels since the Dark Forces conflict, and who got a chance to make peace with his former rival Jabba couldn't afford to reject it. Though knowing that Solo has sympacy with the Rebels, little does Kyle know that he is not a scoundrel. So he accepts the job...

Besides other bounty hunters as opponents, Kyle has to reckon with the base personnel who won't tolerate any disorder, as well as with the Imperials who launched a reconnaissance troop onto the base, searching for the Rebel Fleet. But in the middle of the hunt Kyle gets his eyes open to the real state of things...
The Evacuation of Hoth 4Rated 4 Death Stars Adam Shane The evil lord Darth Vader, obsessed with finding Katarn, has dispatched thousands of remote probes into the reaches of spaces. One of these probes has travelled to the remote ice world of Hoth, the location of the Rebel base. After finding the base, it sent the data to the Imperial Fleet. Darth Vader assured that the rebels are there orders the fleet to proceed immediately to Hoth. The imperial fleet arrives and prepares for a ground assault. Imperial AT-ATs are sent to destroy the shield generator, so that the fleet may bombard the planet.

The rebels are seriously outgunned and now I have to retreat. The last transport has already left so will have to escape in an X-wing starfighter. I must also recieve a copy of where to rendezvous with the rest of the fleet. I will find it in the Computer Room.
The Great Escape 4Rated 4 Death Stars Jeff Walters En route to the Rebel Base on the frozen world of Hoth carrying the stolen structural plans for a new class of star destroyer, named the Imposer class, your ship is fallen upon by a fleet of rag-tag ships. Your unmarked space yacht is crippled and you and your pilot Jan Ors are captured by boarders. You are taken to the infamous Imperial Detention Facility known as Justice Station which floats on repulsors in the atmosphere of Crallon IV, where you are traded to Imperial forces by your captors, who you discover are a group of crack bounty hunters, in exchange for the bounty on your heads and salvage rights to your vessel. When the imperials claimed custody of you and Jan they also took possession of your belongings and equipment, which included your newest addition, a jetpack. Unknown to the Imperials is that the stolen plans they seek remain hidden aboard your ship despite an extensive search by Imperial technical experts. You realize that you must somehow recover the plans before the bounty hunters led by Boba Fett and IG88 find the plans and sell them back to the Imperials You overhear one of the bounty hunters talking to an Imperial official and discover that the bounty hunter's base lies below the station on the planet below. Using this information you and Jan devise a plan before you are separated and taken to individual cells. Firstly you must escape your cell and rescue Jan. You must then escort Jan safely to the landing pad where an Imperial shuttle you spotted when you first arrived is located. When Jan has escaped in the shuttle you must then locate and recover your jetpack. Then use the jetpack from the most northern point of the facility. This point should hover roughly over the area where the bounty hunter base is located. Once on the planet you must infiltrate the base and recover the plans. When this is accomplished, you will rendezvous with Jan at the highest peak in the mountainous terrain behind the base. Jan will drop landing lights on the peak prior to extraction. As you are led back in to your cell after interrogation by your guard you surprise him and using your honed combat skills overpower him, grabbing his pistol you begin your mission......
The Hoerby Trilogy 4Rated 4 Death Stars Matthias von Herrmann You've just received the Star of Alderaan. Shortly after leaving Mon Mothma and the Rebel fleet, your ship comes under fire from Imperial forces. You are no match for them, and eventually you power down and are taken via shuttle to Imperial Outpost D-42. There you will reside until Darth Vader determines your fate. Not willing to wait around that long, you manage to steal a blaster from an officer on board the shuttle, and once in your cell begin your escape.
The Undermined 4Rated 4 Death Stars Secbase Unlimited Version 1.1 of the award-winning UM DOT GOB. Become the champion of a world corrupted and stripped bare - undertake an epic quest to right the wrongs set upon your home, and maybe shoot some people in the meantime.
Water Treatment Plant 5Rated 5 Death Stars Michael Messer A vital Imperial data tape has been stolen by smugglers, who are believed to be hiding out in a water treatment plant on the outskirts of NarShaddaa. As Kyle, you are assigned to intercept this tape before the Empire gets it, and return to your ship safely.