Beyond Glory 2: In Dying Light

By Kevin Buscemi
Inducted July, 2004

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Text file: bglory2.txt

"Our resident webmaster impressed the hell out of me with this one. While not without its merits, the first Beyond Glory was pretty to look at, but left me cold. When I started Beyond Glory 2, I expected more of the same. Was I wrong... Clearly Kevin Buscemi was just warming up! Instantly the story seemed strong in the briefing, and I felt like I had a good reason to accept my mission. So much was at stake! The level began ominously, and the ruined architecture and great new textures placed me in unfamiliar and exciting territory. The voice-overs of my operative cohorts spurred me ahead to accomplish my mission goals. Kevin has proven his skills at creating great puzzles, and the water/power chamber puzzle was indeed perplexing, yet ultimately rewarding. As the mission proceeded, the pace of excitement quickened, and I felt like events were actually taking place, and that the villian was slipping through my fingers! At the end of the mission, any player will feel like they TRULY saved the day!"

- Patrick Haslow

"The single most beautifull Dark Forces level ever made, for sheer beauty."

- Sheldon Friedman

"A great plot, a great villian, and great voice acting! BG2 was an instant classic. A tough puzzle to figure out at the beginning was nothing compared to what you have to face later on in the level."

- Jar Jar

"This was another stunner. A great plot, magnificent architecture, and a back-up team to go with it! I loved the feel of really working as a team, after seeing your Rebels, having successfully infiltrating the lab, surrounded by the dead miscreants who previously had the run of the place...complete with weapons to take! Yet again, the end sequence was my favorite part of the level. Your team's taking fire! Move fast! The batteries belch death incarnate toward your helpless friends above, while the insane genius chuckles...that did it. I was going to get him so bad... Dashing around battery implacements, blasting through smugglers, and finally deactivating the lasers...with a parting shot, "I'll see ya one the Dark Side..." How great is that??? Really great! Totally great!! HoF great!!"

- Tom Resnick

"One of the first times I've ever just sat there after I had finished the level, not believing it."

- Geoffrey Simpson