The Dark Tide II: Nightfall

By Patrick Haslow and Matt Hallaron
Inducted November, 2002

Download: (8.4 MB)
Text file: dtide2.txt
Review: TACC 96%

"This level quite simply dazzles. The plot and well-paced action keep you moving through set-piece after set-piece, as the DF engine is taken to the places you always wanted it to go. From moving Imperial walkers to shattering glass, to an aquarium you could admire for days, every corner of this level contains some kind of gem. Book-ended with the finest cutscenes yet produced for DF, the Dark Tide series immerses you totally in the Star Wars universe."

- Fenwar

"Is there anything Patrick Haslow and Matthew Hallaron can't do? It's like having a diamond in a coal pile. Again the authors wow us with beautiful artwork, a compelling story and LucasArts beating cutscenes. The settings, ranging from inside an AT-AT to a beautiful aquarium, all have lovely new textures and ingenious new puzzles."

- Geoffrey Simpson

"The level pulls of the story superbly, and the architecure is amazing! The new cutcenes are well done, and I'd say, put LEC to shame!"

- intjacob