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April 14, 2021:
Among The Shadows II: The Lava Planet
by Oton (fish) Ribic

April 28, 2008:
The Towerof Doom
Rating: 3 Stars - Good
by Dirk Destiny and Pumpkinetics

February 21, 2008:
The Dark Tide: Beyond the Ancient
Bonus Material from the Dark Tide Series! (31 MB)
by Patrick Haslow, Matthew Hallaron & Barry Brien

An on and on and on...

Posted by taton on 2016-01-17 18:25:53 EST

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More Goodness for the unwashed masses:

Jedi Crystal - The Discovery - One of the newer levels created. A nicely made romp some older players may have never played.

Jungles of Caldoun - A nice jungle themed level that centers around deciphering the purpose of a mysterious Imperial Base.

Assassinate Darth Vader - Saddened by the fact that Dark forces didn't feature the promised Star Destroyer that Lucasarts showed off a map of? Here's what you've been waiting for!

Mines - Every seen the movie "The Room"? It's kind of like that.

Only 60 more levels to go folks...