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Dark Forces Community Patch

Posted by karjala on 2022-05-03 21:57:20 EST

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Happy May the 4th Everyone!


We are excited to announce the release of the Dark Forces Community Patch with over 100 changes. We've been working on it for almost year and this is the first patch released since the game came out in 1995 ! 


The goal of this patch is to make Dark Forces accessible to new players in 2022. 

  • Many aspects that were confusing or obtuse were rewritten.
  • New objectives were added to direct players to their goals
  • Switches now receive audio, visual and textual feedback
  • Hidden passages are better highlighted with texturing, lighting and powerup changes
  • UI feedback is improved (Ex: Code Keys now explicitly direct you to the PDA inventory)
  • Puzzle guidance is improved with dynamic signs that display your progress.






The easiest way to install it is through the Dark Forces Launcher  For advanced users you can also manually download it Here 


For support - please visit our Discord and go to the #support channel.


V1.0 Patch Credits go to Bitcores, SecBase, Jereth and Karjala . 


3DOs by Matt Hallaron, Adam Richards and Patrick Hanslow


Patch Logo Design by Tileset001




                                                             Retextured Moldy Crow (Based on the Alpha screenshots)



                           Updated Mission Objectives to make Kyle's goals clearer.


                                                 Added new passages, switches and powerups to multiple missions


                                                                         Updated Sprites 


                                                                                     Retextured 3D objects 


                                                               Vault Puzzle Map now updates the doors as you open them


                                                                            New Entryways added to multiple rooms


                                                               Detention Center Elevators now have dynamic floor indicator

                                                                      Restored cut content such as the Nar Shaddaa Elevator 



Patch Details


Secret Base
- Changed the Death Star plans to the animated version

- Add objective completion message and audio when power generator activated
- Several map enhancements for visibility of distant buildings
- Texture changes in the central bridge
- Prevent player from entering the underwater tunnel near the hydro power switch
- Added sound to the Talay waterfall
- Added "Unpowered" messages to Talay doors 
- Moved powerups in the ruined town so you no loner need to jump on the ledge
- Fixed the bridge rotation doors when pressing multiple times.
- Fixed texture adjoin locking in the water bridge lift.

- Central puzzle: remove default elevator noises, replace with water noises
- Central puzzle: Slower water level rise
- Central puzzle: Add final gate which opens when puzzle is complete
- Central puzzle: Sewage flows when puzzle is complete
- Fixed a non-scrolling sewage texture (sludge28)
- Add health near Moff Rebus stairs 
- Immediately start the sewer waterfall
- Added switch objectives to the mission briefing
- Changed window heights for better visibility over puzzle room
- Brightened the sunken door in passage 3 and added texture lights.

- Added sound effect for the big 3DO fan
- Made sector 358 (E2S1) darker
- Changes to BDOOR.SW, change switch texture, larger windows
- Add switch to base secret entrance elevator
- Reset base secret entrance elevator position when door is opened
- Notify user that code keys in the PDA inventory when near the code console
- Widened the windows overlooking base entrance
- Changed the texture of the switch overlooking base entrance
- Added flashing console and added powerups on the way to the base entrance.
- Reworked hard-to-see cliff passage leading to the start 
- Made the Easter egg room better accessible and added an exit path.
- Muted wind sounds while inside the base.
- Made the elevator reset to the ground floor to the base entrance
- Raised the platform near the trooper path to make it better visible
- Prevent Boss death through the wall
- Added alarm sound in the exit tunnel
- Added locked messages to various doors.
- Added passage to backtrack after jumping in the main base
- Prevent player from planting multiple charges 
- Escape tunnel sequence switch can no longer be triggered from inside the tunnel.

Detention Center
- Fixed issue #29 (door getting stuck problem when NPC is blocking it)
- Added looping force field hum (sound effect from JK)
- Elevator position indicator
- Add new path to the yard overlook and placed powerups on top
- Added weapon arsenal in the third floor of the low-sec elevator
- Muted elevators and forcefields when not in the area.
- Overhauled lighting in the force field elevators.
- Added Easter egg to the X-X-X code key.
- Added base-side switch for the main entrance platform 
- Fixed the long-crack secret texture
- Allowed the yard bay door to open fully
- Add a switch and a new elevator to control yard entrance
- Added multiple new elevator switches
- Added red highlights to the red-key door 
- Updated Crix Madine sprite
Ramsees Hed
- Added a sound effect for the engines
- Fixed Kyle/Jan conversation issue
- Added Yellow-Key elevator switch
- Added new elevator to allow for backtracking
- Fixed the secret door near the Red key from causing damage
- Added conveyor belt sound effect (from JK)
- Revise teleporter chute to reduce damage taken from fall, and make it look more realistic
- Objective complete message and audio when enter facility
- Fix scrolling acid texture
- Added doors to the conveyor belt observation posts
- Widened the window to the extra life room along the conveyor belt
Nar Shaddaa
- Fixed the elevator which lets you backtrack near the start
- Turned off light pulsing on inactive forcefields 
- Expanded and added powerups and sign textures to the area near the blue key area.
- Created a new passage to circle back to the start after finding the Nava Card switch.
- Fixed the remote getting stuck at mission start.
- Fixed the invisible revive in secret hot-tub
- Added shootable switch for the hot-tub room secret
- Added alarms for kell-dragon room to signify motion alerts
- Fix the adjoin bug with the 3 elevators 
- Objective complete message and audio for objective 1
- Move several sectors to correct layers
- Revision of the area outside the ISO building so it looks better from the roof; the walls have some thickness. 
- Made the Vault puzzle map dynamic showing which doors are open or closed. 
- Changed the Vault puzzle map wall visibility to reflect which are open or closed.
- Prevent Boss death through the wall
- Changed roof elev door jammer so it doesnt make the texture move
- Lots of reworking of exterior architecture, to make it look more convincing
- Add extra windows to exterior
- Add 10 seconds of scrolling stars when you launch the ship, so it looks like the ship is turning around
- Add Objective complete and audio messages
- Fixed "open" windows - you can no longer jump out into space
- Added docking arm objective to the mission briefing
- Added audio and text messages during docking arm rotation
- Locked smuggler ship exit doors after launch.
- Retextured confusing elevators and made the command room elevator start from the top.
- Reworked objective updates in the smuggler ship when killing the imperial officer.
- Add TIE fighter sound effect
- Add objective complete messages and audio
- Changed the docking bay elevator heights for better visibility
- Added a switch to bring the conveyor belt elevator back up so you don't have to take a massive fall
- Silenced moving stairs and updated textures
- Added audio and visual notifications when the Arc puzzle is complete
- Added multiple switches to Arc elevators.
- Changed the conveyor escape pit texture to differentiate from the false exits
- Massive texture overhaul all along the conveyor belt
- Updated powerups in the Sequence 2 room secret to make it more valuable.
- Removed unreachable powerups in the fuel storage
- Added texture mapped and enhanced 3DOs from authors of Dark Tide, and other modders (Crow, TIE Fighter, Welder, Shuttle, etc.)
- Re-did the Ramses Hed engine 3DO
- Texture mapped laser bolts
- Texture mapped mousebot
- Added universal "objective complete" message and sound effect for previously silent objectives 
- Massive texture stitching update for all missions
- Notify user that code keys are located in the PDA inventory