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Happy New Year from DF-21

Posted by karjala on 2023-12-31 16:57:36 EST

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Happy New Year from DF-21


The staff at DF-21 wish everyone a Happy New Year! We are excited for 2024 that will be filled with more Dark Forces content! 


CDN media


3D Preview

We are excited to announce a new DF-21 feature! You can now preview all modern Dark Forces missions in 3D! Simply click the new Preview 3D button that appears on each mission.


A new window will open and within a few seconds the level will be loaded. If the GOB has multiple missions they will all be shown on the right hand side. 

Our very own Mazzter worked diligently on this feature for the past few months. You can visit him Here for his other projects. Now we have feature parity with the Massassi Temple - hi Brian =) ! 


Historical Magazine Archive

This year we spent a lot of time building a collection of Dark Forces historical articles.

We are now ready to share a new DF-21 site that allows for easy browsing of Reviews, Previews and Cheats going all the way back to 1994! 

Go visit it here --> Magazine Archive


We even have a 1995 French Joystick article about the first Dark Forces editor DFUSE by Yves Borckmans . Read it Here !



The Force Engine Editor

Lucius has been making great progress to the TFE Dark Forces Editor. It is looking fantastic and hopeuflly will soon replace WDFUSE (Which is great news for me - I no longer need to work on it!) =). 


We have a 15 minutes preview of the editor. Look how easy it is to make new geometry !



Dark Forces Remaster Release Date

We now have a date for NightDive's Dark Forces remaster release. It will be shown to the world on February 28th, 2024 which is only two months away! 

There is a dedicated Steam page you can visit Here