The History Interviews

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Q: What was the first level you ever made?

ProtoTIE, it was a mission to infiltrate the Dark Side's plans for a new TIE fighter that even the Phantom TIE couldn't compare to. The mission goals were:

A. Steal the data tape containing the TIE Plans.
B. Nuke the main frame computer that contains all the data by placing sequencer charges on the thing.
C. Get the hell out alive!

I did a lot of custom textures, especially in the mainframe, and I have considered releasing them, there are five different textures. I also made some custom WAXes, and learned the basics of DF editing using this level. The whole point of the level was not realism, but a benchmark for how good at playing the game you were. It was a very diffucult level.

Q: Was it ever released? And if so, what did it rate as?

Nope, I still haven't finished it, because there was talk earlier about releasing your unfinished first levels.

* James * "Oops, sorry"

Q: What would you say was your finest work (level wise)?

In DF, my H-13a Trooper Scooper. It put me on the radar in DF editing as a small blip but a blip nonetheless. I had help from others, like Resnick the Sound god, he hooked me up with some explosions and gunshot sounds that were great. Probably the best thing about the weapon itself was the sound of M1 abrams gunfire for the little green orb and a Sidewinder missile for the secondary missile (which was AutoCAD generated).

Q: Are you working on any other projects?

Actually, I have one on this site under the weapons section, mine is the H-13a 'Trooper Scooper' (the one that's like 700K, I need to release that again with smaller file sizes and a .txt readme) Yes, I am working on four. All are weapons, one is a Concussion rifle replacement, it's called the Negotiator, the next is another Concussion Rifle replacement called the Methanator, and I think that is pretty self-explanatory. The next one is called the H-120 'Fork Gun', where I took a mountain-bike front fork and made it into a weapon. The final one is the Carburetor. It's a replacement for the Fusion Cutter that is made from parts off a car, like hedders and intake manifold tubing, all sorts of neat things I'm doing, eh?

I also do editing for other games like Need For Speed 4 and 5, I have an NFS5 car out called the HMD S54 Bi-Turbo, it's a 911 GT1 from Hell, it goes like 260 mph. I have a Half-Life map coming out that is a huge motherboard on a computer, it's called computerrats.bsp, where you are shrunken down small enough to crawl into a PCI slot and camp out. I also do AutoCAD drawings of supercars, you can see my 'portfolio' at

Q: How far along in your editing skills have you come since then? (Improvements, group projects, better plots, etc. etc.)

In DF, not as good as most, but my forté is weapons and sounds. I can do basic texturing and map building, but elevators and complex stuff like that is hard for me. I stick to weapons because you can use an H-13a in Mt. Kurek, but you can't easily put an exploding volcano in TIE Defender Base, not without some serious WDFUSE work.

Q: Favorite SW character? (Can be anyone from the movies or books)

Chewie. I have a soft spot for furry woodland creatures.

Q: Favorite DF level?

Asteroid. The level architecture is simply amazing and the hallway with the sunlight beaming in is absolutely wonderful, you guys with your levels go all the way.