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Matthew Hallaron

Q: What was the first level you ever made?

Still working on it - Dark Tide IV - and even that I'm only making sections of it. However, I first did cutscenes and music for Dark Tide I: Wasteland Survivor. I have made a few little test levels, technically, but they were just to try out some effects.

Q: Was it ever released? And if so, what did it rate as?

The test levels, no, and they never will be. Dark Tide I, yes it was released, and it was extremely well received.

Q: What would you say was your finest work (level wise)?

Probably the cutscenes for Dark Tide 2. I'm also really happy with all the music in the Dark Tide series. And the aquarium Patrick and I made in DT2.

Q: Are you working on any other projects?

I help out some people here and there. I'm helping Tom Resnick make WAXs for his Big Head project. And I'm making cutscenes for Lionel Fouillen's Archangel series (along with a few other custom components.) Plus, I occassionally help a few other people out, here and there.

Q: How far along in your editing skills have you come since then? (Improvements, group projects, better plots, etc. etc.)

I think I've gotten pretty good at most aspects of DF as far as custom components and cutscenes are concerned. My level geometry/building could use more work, but it's a lot better than two years ago, when I hadn't build anything. I also need a lot more work in INF.

Q: Favorite SW character? (Can be anyone from the movies or books)

Mara Jade (she's my goddaughter, you know.)

Q: Favorite DF level?

Condition Red.