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Jeff Walters

Q: What was the first level you ever made?

The Great Escape. It was my first -major- attempt at any form of level editing. Starting out I just intended to make the floating prison as a level by itself, but I eventually came to the conclusion having a section of the level on the planet below would be interesting. It was really a blast to do.

Q: Was it ever released? And if so, what did it rate as?

It was released mid-96 and was rated fairly high. Not a classic at all of course, but I never expected it to be.

Q: What would you say was your finest work (level wise)?

Well, I guess Mt. Kurek would be the easy answer in terms of Dark Forces editing. Although I was really happy with a lot of the changes I made for the Great Escape Special Edition. Anyway, yeah Mt. Kurek was my best released DF work. It was a lot of fun to make, especially the volcano effects at the end. I was very happy with how they turned out.

Q: Are you working on any other projects?

Nope. Dark Forces is far behind me, as is Jedi Knight for that matter. I made a small duel level for Jedi Outcast last year called "Return to Mt. Kurek" which was a small homage to the early DF community, but to be honest editing JO was not much fun so I never felt compelled to continue editing it.

Q: How far along in your editing skills have you come since then? (Improvements, group projects, better plots, etc. etc.)

I learned a hell of a lot making Great Escape, Mt Kurek and Drazen Isle (for JK). Once you learn that stuff it's hard to forget it. I'll often be out walking around and spy a nicely designed piece of architecture and think to myself something like that would be fun to make. I would like to edit again at some point if the right game comes along. Although finding the time to edit is another thing heh.

Q: Favorite SW character? (Can be anyone from the movies or books)

Han. He just brings a lot of humor and character to the first trilogy. If only the prequels had a character like him.

Q: Favorite DF level?

Return to Bespin. One of the first DF levels I played and still one of the best. I just love Jason Burton's work. The guy is an editing legend.