Back Commenor Station: Cycy Loctob

As you know, agents of the Alliance have been very active in their search for the location of any evidence that reveals needed information regarding Imperial smuggling routes to the Arc Hammer. While we are eternally in your debt and acknowledge the risks that you took for the information you retrieved in Nar haddaa, much to our dismay, we have discovered that the NAVA CARD that you retrieved from Nar Shaddaa was part of a double set. We have been reliably informed that this second part of the set was removed from Nar Shaddaa and and smuggled to Commenor Spaceport just prior to your arrival at Nar Shaddaa. ommenor Spaceport is notably a trading outpost and popular port for ships traveling the trade routes near the Corellian star system. The NAVA CARD itself was transported covertly by Cycy Loctob, one of Nar Shaddaa's alien denizens, who makes his living by selling contraband to any and all interested parties. In his case, the Imperials, having realized the threat of losing both NAVA CARDS if they remained in one location, wisely [for them] sent the second NAVA CARD via Loctob to Commenor to avoid any undesired attention.
The Imperial facility at this station is omnipresent and you can be sure that security will be tight. BTW, the residents are unfriendly as well. It has been brought to our attention by Crix Madine that General Mohc, head of development of the Imperial Dark Trooper, had been intending to inspect the facility at some ime n the near future. Since this information dates to before the time of his incarceration, we have no way of knowing whether or not this is still the case. Based on this information however, we can presuppose that some research on the Dark Trooper is being conducted at Commenor Station. He has further suggested hat he Imperials may be receiving a special metal alloy akin to Phrik from the planet Orin, a metal-rich hostile world with a violent environment in the Bespin star system on which an Imperial presence is being forcibly established. It is further believed that this metal, known as Deusanium or 'God's metal' in the Orinian ongue, may be being melted down and used as a hardening resin or coating for the Phrik metal. Remain alert for signs of this..

We would have you destroy the entire facility but this would likely result in the death of many innocent civilians and support for the Alliance would certainly be undermined. The association of the facility with the station has no doubt be established for this very reason. Jan Ors has, of course, been assigned as our avigator and cruise director...
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